With Halloween slowly creeping up, so many of us are struggling to get out costumes together or plans set with our friends. Once a Holiday enjoyed mainly by children, Halloween has turned into a day that is now enjoyed by people of all ages. Promoters everywhere have recognized this day to be one of the largest party days of the year and have stepped their game up enormously. One of the largest and coolest and Halloween EDM festivals this year is none other than the three day Voodoo Music Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. This year’s Voodoo Festival is a must see and I think after you hear the lineup you’ll agree with me.

Carnage, Excision, The Weeknd, and The Chainsmokers, are just a few of the 65+ major acts that will be there this year. The festival offers a variety of top notch lighting and scenery that, along with the music, will make for the perfect Halloween experience. Being in the heart of New Orleans, Voodoo Music Festival allows visitors to experience food and culture in one of the coolest cities in the U.S.

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