Fighting fire with fire? Calvin Harris has recently released a brand new single, with a breakup theme written all over it. Since his recent hit, 'This is What You Came For', his new track 'My Way' is an instant hit and is already being played by top radio stations. I can’t help but smile listening to it as it is extremely relatable for most, and seems as if he’s delivering a light slap in the face to his most recent relationship.

With a somewhat reggae inspired beat, Calvin Harris brings back to life his old routine of using his own vocals for his tracks. With subtle piano chords to accompany his straightforward lyrics, it leads up higher with light reggae tones which is finally escalated to quick drum riffs. Once the beat quickly drops, Calvin Harris allows his voice to carry throughout the entire tune as his big house sound quickly travels into a more tropical house feel.

Calvin Harris has had an incredibly busy year. From continually reaping success from his latest album Motion, taking residence in Las Vegas, and making appearances at some of the world’s biggest music festivals - we can clearly see that nothing can take this artist down. From handling a widely publicized “hollywood” breakup, to suffering a severe car crash earlier this summer - Calvin has shone no signs of slowing down. As many fans have been claiming his recent hits have been “boring” or “a bit slow” when directly compared to his older hits, I find that you can greatly admire the fact that he seems to be joining his new, more pop related style, with old elements that have helped him make his name.

Releasing this cheeky hit will surely continue to bring Harris positive buzz, as always. Tell us your favorite Calvin Harris elements - What keeps you always coming back for more?

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