Two things are pretty certain when you enter the library to do homework. You’re going to spend the first 20 minutes upon arrival scrolling through your Twitter feed, and you will be listening to music. Perhaps you study better while listening to music, or you want to drown out the people at the table next to you recapping their weekend. Either way, headphones a must.

There’s a time and a place to head-bang to Trap artists like Flosstradamus and Borgore, the library may not be one of them. Here’s a more wavy playlist to help you focus and get through those last minute assignments.

Vanic’s 2015 SnowGlobe set is perfect for when you’re typing a paper or making flashcards and really need to get into the rhythm of things. Bonus, it also doubles as a solid track to listen to while working out.

Below are more songs that make it a little easier to read that textbook, or help you better settle down and focus for an upcoming test. Best part? I can promise you most of these songs will give you light to artists you've never heard of. So stop spending half your study time scouring Soundcloud, or skipping Pandora ads, and follow us through our specially created Study Playlist.... 

And of course anything Kygo has ever come out with.

Which songs and artists do you listen to while studying? Help us add to the playlist by commenting your favorites below.


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