In the past decade, we’ve seen how the once small/underground electronic music scene has emerged into something much bigger. It’s been dominating the top charts and when it comes to demand, it’s some of the most sought after music at clubs, concerts, festivals, etc. It’s safe to say electronic music is here to stay, making its mark as one of the most popular music genres of our world today.

Usually associated with partying, electronic music often gets a bad rap for being solely about drugs and alcohol. I’d like to be able to 100% disprove this but electronic music, like any other music scene, does come with the occasional drug and alcohol issue. Though an issue, electronic music is enjoyed responsibly by millions of people across the world. It’s all about becoming educated on the topic so you can have a good time while also making the right choices.

So how do you make the right choices? The simple answer is of course to not drink or do drugs but the reality is they will always find their way into the music scene somehow. To tackle this issue, many new organizations have sprung up such as Dance Safe. These organizations aim to spread drug and alcohol awareness but many go about doing it in a slightly different way. Rather than simply confiscating the drugs, organizations like Dance Safe provide drug testing kits that allow users to test their drugs and know exactly what they’re taking. Some of the largest concerns of this party drug scene is taking pills and being unsure what you’ve taken. Providing drug testing kits is just one thing these organization do, they also provide water to prevent dehydration, drug safety pamphlets, and safe zones away from the stage where people experiencing nasty effects of drugs or alcohol can go to escape.

Organizations like this have already helped so many people to make the right choices and have an all-around better concert experience. Hopes are they will continue to grow and help to further eliminate drug and alcohol related incidences. Want to learn more? Check out Dance Safe and be sure to be on the lookout for their tents at festivals and concerts. Let’s eliminate this drug stigma and party safely!