Beach babes, fast cars, and endless waves - EDX’s new sexy beat 'My Friendis perfectly accompanied by it’s new official music video released by Spinnin Records.

The video for this dance floor sensation stars two professional surfers who start the video doing their own separate gig, and later on find themselves inseparable. EDX stays true to his deep house roots, whilst combining them with a disco vibe. With the bass line beat pounding in the backdrop, the simple lyric - “Whenever I’m down I call on you my friend, a helping hand you’ll lend, in my time of need” - creates a soothing pause from the electronic accents before re-heading into another beat drop that keeps you continuously grooving.

This is yet another visual hit for Spinnin Records roster. As summer quickly comes to an end, per usual, EDX is keeping the warm summer sun alive with his unwavering publishing routine. From a generous touring lineup, to Soundcloud uploads, and his Sirius radio mixes “No Xcuses” - It is no surprise that EDX has generated millions of plays.

As music videos in the electronic dance music world continue to become an expected add on to new releases, what elements do you love to see incorporated as you watch and listen? Let us know! 

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