With the first night of Decadence engraved in the minds of countless head-banging bass heads, groovy souls and vibe chasers, the gates to the City of Dreams opened up with in valiant demonstration. Introducing the night was Kasbo on the Daydreamer stage and TSA on the Timekeeper stage which was a perfect warm up for what lied ahead in the evening.

It was clear who the citizens of Decadence were anxiously awaiting as the opening sets were winding down and patrons were flocking towards the Daydreamer stage as the highly anticipated RL Grime vs. Baauer set was about to get underway. It was traditional RL Grime with his solid blend of trap, hip hop, grime and bass and Baauer kept it heavy and only teased the crowd with just a snippet of the ever-so-popular "Harlem Shake".

Through the early stages of the night, it was clear Decadence was in full effect. Amongst the smatterings of luminescent scenery, the heavy hitters such as Marshmello, Bassnectar, Bourgeous and the countless other performers that graced the stage with their presence. Alongside them were their devoted followers driving wildly and unrestrained into the new year. Day 1 of Decadence has come and gone and for some, it will be a great memory to look back upon. As for others, Day 2 is again set up to leave people with more memories to recollect upon.