galen oakes.jpg Desert Hearts, a gathering which first occurred a little over two years ago, has flourished greatly over the years. Although that doesn’t seem like much time, Desert Hearts continues to throw some of the best parties around. Since November 2012, when DH was born, it has proved that this is much more than just a party in the desert. From throwing the first event, to now throwing their second Spring Gathering party, more and more souls are heading out to the desert to be engulfed in what Desert Hearts is about- House, Techno, and Love.

I had the pleasure to be a part of the Desert Hearts Two-year Anniversary party that was thrown this past November. From the moment I arrived, I looked around and immediately felt safe and comfortable, like I was home. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and smiled- being aware that this experience was going to be unlike any other. I was right, and this is why..

dhlocation4.jpg The Location: Desert Hearts has found a fairly new home at the Los Coyotes Reservation in Ranchita, CA, and since attending a gathering here, I can’t imagine it anywhere else. This place is truly breathtaking. Being surrounded by rich trees, fresh air, and plenty of open space makes this location perfect for everyone willing to expose themselves to such beauty. If you think the pictures are phenomenal, imagine it in person.

The Music: The name Desert Hearts doesn’t only just apply to the festival. Desert Hearts Records is a label formed by some of the original DH crew: Mikey Lions, Lee Reynolds, Deep Jesus, Marbs, and Porkchop. The label is showcasing the talents of Lonely Boy, Michael Rosa, and much more. Desert Hearts also has on board some very significant family resident DJs and producers, which go by the names of: Deep Jesus, Kevin Anderson, Tara Brooks, and Atish. If these names don’t sound familiar to you right now, read this again after attending and they most definitely will.

Not only does Desert Hearts already have a great crew of their own, the lineup is filled with some of the greatest names in house and techno that you can imagine. Noir, Thugfucker, Francesca Lombardo, and Christian Martin are a few that have honored the desert with their banging sets in the past, among many, many others. With the desert hearts community growing, it’s making me very eager to see what artists are going to join us this time around.


The Freedom: One thing that truly sets Desert Hearts apart from other festivals is the freedom this gathering offers. With no noise restrictions, as a typical venue would have, Desert Hearts sticks to their word when they say there is 70 hours of non-stop music. Yes, you read that correctly. SEVENTY HOURS. From the time the gates open on Friday to when the festival ends on Monday afternoon, there are sets. One after another after another after… you get the idea. Where else can you find three days of non-stop music spinned live by some very talented people?

If you’re thinking, three days, non-stop music, how am I supposed to sleep? Don’t worry, you are able to camp far from the stage if you’d like. Earplugs are always a good idea too. Not just for sleeping, but also for dancing. Those Funktion One speakers are BOOMING. Yes, it’s awesome, but protect those ears. Not only are there no noise restrictions, but you are able to bring your own food, drinks, camping gear, basically BYOE aka Bring Your Own Everything. This makes the experience even better, as long as whatever you bring is safe for you and everyone around you. Safety first, always.

The Community: Living in the desert for three days is bound to bring you closer to others doing the same. But how close? What I mean is, at Desert Hearts, everyone seemed to be filled with exuberant energy that was impossible to not be attracted by. Everywhere you look there’s hugging, kissing, laughing, dancing- men and women of all ages, backgrounds, and races enjoying the simple pleasures of being with one another. As I was doing with the friends I attended with, and also the many new friends I connected with. We may be strangers when we all arrive, but even if I didn’t meet someone personally, we leave as family. You just feel it.


DesertARTS: DesertARTS, which is the Desert Hearts art program, was created to give community-based artists the opportunity to showcase their creativity in an exuberant setting filled with music, dancing, and love. From live painting, to interactive art, to unique art sculptures- all are encouraged to bring out the artist within themselves and add their own touch to the DH community. Self expression is truly beautiful. Would you like to show your art at DH? Apply HERE!

Desert Hearts is a movement, a community, a family. A place where you can find your true self, be your true self, and love your true self. Placed in an amazing location, with nonstop music, and unique art expression, these are just a few things that one will find at Desert Hearts. Come with us on this journey through the finest house and techno, whilst making pure, deep connections with each of the beautiful ones around you. It’s up to you to decide what ‘We Are All Desert Hearts’ means to you.

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