Reaching over half a million views before the 1 week mark of being posted, DVBBS new official video to their single Ur On My Mind is still reaching a growing audience.

The Canadian DJ duo feature themselves in their latest music video set in the desert coming to you with their own original vocals, and a slightly more laid back house sound than you are usually used to from DVBBS. As the 3:30 track takes off, light drum riffs lead you up to the vocal spotlight before the 30 second mark hits. As the song continues, DVBBS made their lyrics take the spotlight as the electronic accents subtly fade in and out.

DVBBS are an incredibly popular must see at festivals around the globe all throughout the year. Leaving no stone unturned, these two brothers have covered Asia, Europe, and even the Middle East - Concluding their shows in the UK and Amsterdam in the coming weeks. As the masses have been greatly accustomed to electrifying, and insane beat drops from these two DJ’s - This is definitely DVBBS headed in a new direction. Whether it’s a good or a bad move, you decide.