With EDM popularity sky rocketing, it’s no surprise why more and more people are interested in producing their own music. We are blessed to live in a time where tutorial videos, sample packs, and social networking sites are right at our finger tips, however learning proper production/marketing techniques is something that doesn’t come quick or easy. Like any musical or artistic practice, producing electronic music is something that requires a tremendous amount of time and effort to master. People often get discouraged or feel overwhelmed on which of the 10,000 YouTube tutorials they should watch next. Fortunately if you’re serious about production, there are a lot of schools and online programs that can help educate you properly on production techniques as well as marketing your music.

If you’ve ever looked into this topic, I’m sure you’ve heard of popular production schools such as Dubspot and Icon Collective. These schools offer programs in various forms of production that help artists of all ages and skill levels achieve their musical dreams. Dubspot, for example, is a well-known production and DJ school that offers physical classes in NYC and LA. Besides physical courses, Dubspot offers online courses that can be accessed year-round. Educators at Dubspot all have years of professional experience as artists and as teachers. Its programs are widely used by people all over the world, many of which have made it as successful musicians and DJs. Another school, Icon collective, works much the same way offering physical programs in LA and programs that can be accessed online. Many of your favorite big named artists such as Jauz, Protohype, Slander, and Kayzo all had humble beginnings at Icon and swear upon it for their success.

 Programs at schools such as Dubspot and Icon Collective may un-doubtfully get you on your feet as producers or DJs. Unfortunately, these schools can be a bit costly which many times turns off interested and ambitious producers. The good news is there are many great free websites and videos out there that can help teach you many aspects of good production. One web series I found to be especially helpful in my own production was the Point Blank youtube channel. This channel offers a wide variety of tutorials and helpful videos spanning from basic production tips to complex EQing and mastering advice. Another web series I found to be helpful is Virtual Riot’s livestreams. In his livestream series he often hits on sound design, proper arrangement, as well as mixing/mastering advice.

Have you found any websites or videos to be particularly helpful in your own production? We’d love to know! Leave us a link in the comment section below.