The ever famous Electric Forest, hosted by the famous Insomniac Events, has just announced that they will be growing to cover two complete weekends. Held in Rothesburg Michigan, the two weekends will feature their annual celebration of creativity, unity, and culture. The dates for 2017 have been released with this news, June 22-25 and June 29-July 2. 

As more days typically make us immediately think of bigger crowds, Electric Forest has decided to make each weekend lower capacity than years prior. With 8 full days posing the opportunity for much more experience variety, Electric Forest has proclaimed that they will not let it go to waste. Every day is said to be extremely unique, providing completely different surroundings than the day before. Initial lineups, as well as specially curated events, will be released prior to ticket sales so that we festival goers can easily discern which weekend is best for us. Or, better yet, get passes for both weekends! It has been stated that the 2016 prices should reflect in the coming years roster, as well as the opportunity for free parking passes - which will remain available for June 21 and June 28.

As changes can often be daunting, this new route for Electric Forest seems to be one that will be well worth experiencing at launch. Although a few things may change, there are also many programs that will continue on - so please reference Electric Forest’s site for complete details.

Will this be your first year at the forest? Or this destined to be your best Forest experience yet? Let us know!

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