The electro-trio from Chicago, Autugraf, has been taking the dance music industry by storm in the past year. Their music is a well-mixed combination of both peaceful and energetic beats, crafted into the sound of "future bass".

Having just started last autumn, Autograf, consisting of Jake, Louis and Mikul, is known for incorporating their background in fine art, sculpture and graphic design into their dope music. Believing that the visual art and fashion scene connected with the electronic dance music industry has faded once the EDM boom became mainstream, Autograf started their music project as a hobby, not wanted to be held back by "the constrictions tying down so much of dance music in the present." The trio started with the guys hanging blank canvases in the shapes of safari animals around their hometown of Chicago - on city buildings and around music festivals - encouraging festival goers to doodle what they wanted on the animals. The only identifier of the art project was the word "AUTOGRAF", which was engraved into the wood.

Now, still incorporating fine art into music, the laid back dudes of Autograf are spending their time remixing big-name artists and dropping continuous music. We're so interested and obsessed with the trio's sound, that we sat down with Autograf while on their fall North American tour and talked plans for the coming months, favorite summer memories, musical influences and more!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How did you first get your start in music?

AUTOGRAF JAKE: I had a degree in Sculpture and Drawing and as you can imagine it's hard to find work in art, but I learned to weld metal in college so I started working as a blue collared welder. Then I started producing as a hobby after work because I got sick of hearing all the same electronic music and started hearing new songs in my head while welding all day.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What was your favorite memory from this summer?

AUTOGRAF LOUIS: Putting up some wheatpaste late in the night after our show in Los Angeles. That and taking a dip in the ocean after our set in Miami. Oh yeah, and there was that boat party on Lake Michigan - a lot of great summer moments.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Favorite city to perform in or are looking forward to performing in?

AUTOGRAF LOUIS: San Francisco for the Asian food, New York for the craft cocktails and Miami for the beach - but I would love to head to Brazil for a show.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What are you upcoming plans in regards to releases, more touring, studio sessions, etc?

AUTOGRAF MIKUL: We're going to continue putting out free downloads for our fans in our Future Summer remix series. After that we have some originals we're looking forward to releasing this fall. We also have official remixes for Odesza and Dirty South that we can't wait to come out.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What are you currently spending your time listening to and what's on your playlist?

AUTOGRAF LOUIS: A lot of tropical house lately and anything on Future Classic. AUTOGRAF MIKUL: Really digging the stuff coming out on Main Course. AUTOGRAF JAKE: I don't really listen to music, I just make it haha

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What are you most looking forward to for this tour?

AUTOGRAF LOUIS: Testing out all our unreleased material on quality sound systems. The best feedback you can get on a song is seeing how it does in a live setting. AUTOGRAF MIKUL: We built an 8-ft 500-lbs pop-art and Andy Warhol inspired Autograf "Future Soup" can. I would love to figure a way out to bring that thing on the road.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Anything else you would like to add?

AUTOGRAF JAKE: We're building a studio in the backyard so we're looking forward to finishing that up and locking ourselves in there for the fall.

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