Borgeous is no one-man army; he’s got fans, better yet, an army from all around the world standing behind him and his music. It’s no surprise why since he’s been creating smash hits that are going to be this summer’s hottest anthems. The platinum recording artist, producer, and DJ is touring all over the world but this weekend, he stopped by Athens, Ohio for the only collegiate festival, #FEST. EPIC Productions was happy to interview the gorgeous Borgeous and get the inside scoop.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You just announced that you completed three new songs… Will you be playing them at #FEST?

It’s always great to see the crowd’s reaction when you’ve got a new track, so yeah I’ll definitely be playing them!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What do you think sets #FEST apart from all of the other festivals you spinned at?

Well first of all, it’s like a college-based festival and that’s something that sets it apart straight away. There’s something about college kids and festivals that always seem to work out haha. Also, their BYOB thing is cool, it could lead to some trouble but it’s a great initiative you know, college kids might have a little less to spend and this way they can get the experience they want without all the costs.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: With The Number Fest having all collegiate attendees, do you think you’ll do your own college tour after the BIG BANG?

Would definitely be a cool idea, but I can’t really fit in an entire tour at the moment. I’ve got a lot of major festivals coming up in the next months and I’ve got a pretty busy touring schedule so will be hard to squeeze that one in.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What would you say is the key element to making your anthems?

The key element… I don’t know, it’s not like I create a track with a vision of it becoming an anthem, except when making the Life in Color anthem of course. But I just like that big sound a track can have, if you know what I mean. Like with "Tsunami" and "Invincible" for example, they’re both tracks that are really powerful and I think that adds to it becoming an anthem.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Along with your music comes the videos. Your music videos tend to entail illustrations of couples and love… Why is that so?

I think it makes for a cool video basically. It’s easily portrayable and everyone can relate to it, so that’s why I think it makes for a good video most of the times.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Would you say one of the key elements to your music is love?

I definitely put a lot of love into creating the tracks. But also, what’s important to me is that the music connects people when they hear it. It’s so cool to see people just losing themselves in the music when you’re playing.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You have one of the largest followers in the EDM scene. How’s it feel knowing you have an army that stands behind you and your music? #BORGEOUSARMY

It’s such an amazing validation of what I always tried to achieve. Having all of my Borgeous fans out there is the best feeling in the world!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Speaking of #BORGEOUSARMY, your fans are all looking forward to you spinning this some of the biggest festivals this season. When it comes to playing at Tomorrowland, Escapade, and Electric Forest, how do you prepare for your sets?

Preparing for these sets can limit you, so I try to keep it as little as possible. I grab a bunch of tracks together and just start playing. Having a prepared set can be great if it works out, but if the crowd’s not feeling it at all it’ll be hard to step away from it and start doing something else.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You’ve also got tons of tour dates at night clubs and pool parties this summer. Is there a preference on which you prefer?

It’s really difficult to say, but they both have advantages. Playing a big festival is such an awesome experience, you see the huge crowd and big stages and everything. But at a club night, the feeling is much more intimate and the interaction with the crowd is like, tangible. You really get the feeling that they’re responding to whatever you do.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You’re one of the world’s biggest DJ’s and a platinum recording artist. What would you say was the key turning point that got you where you are now?

This one’s pretty easy, me and DVBBS released "Tsunami" and that just kickstarted everything for the both of us. From that point on it was all in.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You kill it every time you collaborate with an artist. From “Beast” with Thomas Gold to “Tsunami” with DVBBS, “Stampede” with DVLM & DVBBS, are there any other artists you wish to collaborate with?

I think every DJ has like an entire list of guys they want to collaborate with haha. I’d love to produce a track with like a big pop star, that would be cool. Or collaborate with guys like Martin Garrix, Yellow Claw would be cool. Lot of options out there.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Last but not least, is there anything you wish to tell all of the Borgeous lovers and the #BORGEOUSARMY out there?

Thanks so much guys, I wouldn’t have been able to do any of the things I do without your incredible support. Let’s make this festival season the best one yet!!

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