Ben Hall and Simon James are the masterminds behind the creative bass driven duo-Delta Heavy. Their music is more than just heavy, it's addicting, dark, harder, and encompasses so many talents that their tracks will blow your mind. Taking the drum and bass scene by storm, Delta Heavy has never ceased to amaze fans with tantalizing beats and powerful sound.

Hailing from the UK, Delta Heavy released their massive Apollo EP in 2014, recently released a new single 'Reborn' and we can't wait to see what they have next(hint, hint). EPIC was lucky enough to catch up with the duo in the midst of their busy March which includes touring stops in Miami and at Beyond Wonderland in Southern California. Read below to find out more about their beginnings, their anticipations for Beyond Wonderland 2015 and more.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How did you two first meet and decide your similarities in music would eventually turn into the legacy that is Delta Heavy?

We met at University and were in a circle of friends that regularly went out to drum & bass nights in Nottingham.  We were DJing separately throughout that time and loved it. After Uni we moved to London and realised that we both wanted to make music and thought it would be more fun and productive to learn how to do it and create tunes together.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Last week, Insomniac hinted that you are currently working on a new album (and EP), what can we expect from it compared to previous EPs?

We have been working with original vocals a lot more and attempting to craft songs, rather than purely club bangers. That’s not to say that there won’t be heavier tunes on there but writing an album gives you the opportunity to experiment and you need to create something that listeners can enjoy from beginning to end and take them on a journey. 12 banging tracks in a row can make you feel like your standing still.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Speaking of Insomniac in a couple of days you will be taking over the decks at Beyond Wonderland in SoCal. How do you guys prepare for such a massive event? Any pre-show rituals you can share?

A few drinks to relax! Beyond is always a massive event so we do try to pull out all the stops and put on a great show.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: At festivals such as Beyond, do you usually have the time to wander around and see other artists? If so, anyone you both are personally looking forward to at Beyond?

Yes sometimes you do.  We'll probably be hanging around the bass stage as it's a great to time catch up with mates but it would be good to check out Adam Beyer's set.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: In the next couple of months you guys will literally be traveling to shows and festivals all over the world. What is your favorite place, venue or festival you have been to? 

It would have to be New York; have played a variety of venues there and never had anything but an amazing time.  Also such an a great place for food and shopping.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: When you finally get a break from the hectic music industry life what do you guys enjoy doing in your down time? 

Catching up with friends, family and going out for food.

 If you are going down the rabbit hole this weekend for Beyond Wonderland in Southern California make sure to catch Delta Heavy throwing down at Mad Hatters Castle from 8:00-9:00pm for a set you do not want to miss. If you can't make it to BW check HERE for tour dates and be sure to check back here for more details as their new album and EP unveil. Also check out our photos below from Delta Heavy's set + more at Lucky in Seattle this past weekend.

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