When we stepped into Soundgarden Hall on Friday evening, we had no idea what to expect from the crowd, the music, or the energy. As we left the venue at 2am, our minds were blown and our bodies were run down. Why? Because British DJ and producer Doctor P, brought the house down with his signature dubstep and drum&bass. 2 hours of non-stop dancing to an incredible set by the Doc gave us an experience of a lifetime. We sat down with 28 year old Shaun Brockhurst (stage name Doctor P) to find out what he has in store for us during Miami Music Week and festival season.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What was it like growing up with your best friend Flux and having him alongside you in the industry?

    It’s really cool to know someone in the scene on a personal level. I know a lot of DJ’s that came into it on their own and it can be a bit lonely when you travel the world. It is nice to have someone to do it with…. not like we ever see each other though. He lives in London and I live outside of London. It was cool to begin with, and now we just talk over email. We might as well not know each other...

EPIC PRODCUTIONS: Do you pick up right where you left off when you do get to see each other?

    Yeah, we kind of didn’t see each other for a while as well because we got thrown into the deep end with the touring. Even though we were running the label, we stopped being friends for a while. It was quite weird. But now we are friends again!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What is one of your favorite places you’ve toured to so far?

    America is good. I like everywhere really. People always ask me, what is the best country/city/club? Everywhere has its own charm.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: This is more important...where has the best food?!

    Italy is ALWAYS Good. Never bad food in Italy.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You’ve worked with some of the biggest names, Method Man, Dillon Francis, Datsik etc. Is there anyone else that you haven’t worked with that you would love to collaborate with?

        I would really love to do something with

Knife Party

        . We’ve spoken about it and


      and I thought we should do something all together. You have to make sure it actually happens though.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You would probably break the internet if that happened…

    We’ve talked about it and I would love to do it. I respect those guys so much, they are really nice guys. Fingers crossed we can make it happen one day!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Touring all different parts of the world can be stressful and busy. How do you find your happy medium? How do you balance your work and personal life?

    You kind of learn to just deal with it. You learn little things along the way to make you feel like home. Having the internet is really helpful. It was quite stressful to begin with, but after a couple of years, you learn tricks to relax. Now I just allow myself to fall asleep wherever or whenever. I used to get stressed about getting enough sleep but now I just sleep ANYWHERE.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Can you sleep on airplanes?

    I can’t stay awake on airplanes these days, as soon as that seatbelt goes on I close my eyes. There are just so many planes you can go on until it becomes normal.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You’re playing in Miami on the 24th, what can we expect from you and the Circus Family?

    We are just going to keep it simple. We will play everything everyone wants to hear. No one is expecting to hear a bunch of house; we’re going to play dubstep and drum and bass. It’s going to be predictable but in a good way. I feel like not that many people are doing our thing anymore; everyone is moving on to trap and house. We will keep doing what we are doing rather than trying to follow the trends. We want to be known for that one thing.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You are playing on the Boat under Bro Safari’s Animal House at the second installment of Mysteryland this year. How do you prepare for your festival sets?

    There isn’t that much preparation involved. People know what music I am going to play. 50% of my set, people are expecting me to play it, but I have to figure out the other half. I play so many sets that I kind of get to know the tracks. I don’t try to prepare too much, I just step up there and feel it. I see what the crowd and see what they like five minutes before I start. I just wing it.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Obviously you’re playing festivals, nightclubs and Miami Music Week, but what kind of venue do you like playing at the most?

    I do like a big festival where you are looking out at 30,000 people. There is nothing quite like it. I really like clubs like this as well. I find that 800-2000 people is the perfect amount. This club is around 1500 capacity here. This is perfect, I really like clubs this size.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What are you hoping for when you go down to Miami?

    I am hoping I have time to relax. Last year was so intense! If you’re not playing a party, you’re doing an interview. I’m just hoping I have time to chill out this year… we love to sit by the pool in the hotel.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Okay, last question we are dying to know the answer to? Why can’t robots dance?

    They don’t have legs or arms most of them!

A special thank you to Doctor P and his management team for making this interview happen. We cannot wait to see what you have in store for us in Miami!

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