From traveling and playing globally, to creating a devoted fan base and progressive house that could make anyone want to dance, DubVision has done this all. Brothers Stephan Leicher and Victor Leicher from the Netherlands create the duo that make up DubVision. The two have been winning the hearts of many during their shows but stepped out of the spotlight for a moment.

This leads us to wondering what they were doing. Well in most recent news after the release of their latest single, “Million Miles” featuring Denny White, fans have been welcomed on their website with a countdown leading to April 30th and the phrase “Next Chapter.” To fully understand this next chapter in their careers, EPIC had the privilege of interviewing the brothers to find out what this new path was and what fans should be in store for.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: It’s great to see you back in the scene after a little time away from the spotlight. Your recent release, “Million Miles” featuring Denny White already has fans craving more. Could you both explain what led you to creating this new song and why you chose this to be the preview of your new chapter in music?

Stephan: Well it is not exactly the start of the Next Chapter, this next chapter has to start and is about to. We are slowly working to make tracks more that are radio friendly and less for the club.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: After great success with your past music and songs breaking top charts like “Invincible”, what made you two decide on a new path for your careers?

Victor: Well we were signed with Spinnin’ Records and we were unhappy with way that our music was going and we felt like we could get more out of it. We wanted to go back to the basics and take a step back. Not only work on the music but the whole brand of DubVision, we wanted to give something more to the fans.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Like you had said you were singed with Spinnin’ Records and in recent news you’ve reported to have left. Would it be possible for you two to explain this transition in your careers and why you chose to break off from them?

Victor: We did not break up with Spinnin’ we left but not in a bad way. It was just no longer working for us anymore and we thought why not do it for ourselves. We wanted to do something for us and with this next chapter, we decided to do it without Spinnin’.

Stephan: Our music direction is going a little bit different then the way they want to go and this a new direction for us to rebuild ourselves in this next chapter

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: On your website fans are greeted with a countdown marking the day you both unveil this “Next Chapter” and along with this countdown is the word “Visonairz.” Could you briefly describe what this phrase means and is it the new identity for DubVision?

Stephan: Actually the Visonairz are you guys, the fans that love our music. We created this because we want to have more interaction with our fans. Without saying too much, there is going to be a lot more attention for our fans.

Victor: We are going to try and involve the fans into the DubVision story and not just give them the music.

Stephan: Like Justin Bieber and the Bielibers.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Haha that is a great way to look at it and that is a huge fan base to have. I love that title, the Visionaiz.

Stephan: Yea we wanted to give fans a name so we can call out to them in all kinds of ways.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: I know until the final release you can’t give out too much information on what is to come but music wise what could fans be expecting from this up and coming reveal of what you both have worked on?

Victor: A lot of fans are terrified we are going to change our whole sound and they shouldn’t be too afraid of that. It is going to be an evolved version of the DubVision sound, it is not going to be the standard progressive house we used to play. Our direction will be less club and actual songs.

Stephan: That is the thing, we are always going to be developing our music. We aren’t going to be making the same progressive house for the next 20 years. It is nice to involve new kinds of styles of music and keep the DubVision rhythm and make a track out of it. Melodies are our core and fans need to know that this will never change.

Victor: Since we are no longer signed to Spinnin’ we are free to decide what kind of style and music we put out there. DubVision’s new sound is not going to be as expected as it used to be, fans are going to be surprised in a hopefully good way.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Well after a great song like “Million Miles” we know you both are going to do great with this next chapter. As you said your melodies are always progressing and changing with what fans want.

Stephan: Exactly, I always say it’s like fashion you aren’t going to wear the same kind of jeans for the next 20 years. You are going to wear something new that is just as cool. It’s the same thing for music, it’s always going to be interesting.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: For this next chapter and your music in general what inspires you most to make a new track and gets you into the studio?

Vivtor: The mindset has inspired me the most and now that we are doing our own thing it feels like we are doing music for ourselves. Music itself, all different types inspires me like what is playing at Coachella.

Stephan: The Chainsmokers during their set actually played our unreleased remix to “Inside Out” and we love that the guys liked it. We enjoy listening to all these different artists and I like to hear it from a different ear like what chords they are playing and such. It’s always changing and like I said you aren’t going to be playing the same style for the next decade.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: From producers’ standpoint, how do you feel about the progression of EDM and how big it is becoming? I mean especially for the both of you who have been in the industry for quite some time, how does this effect your careers?

Stephan: Well yea, just like I said generally we are all changing. We had a period of hard music and then people like Martin Garrix rose and before that we had the Swedish House Mafia and sounds similar to that were popular. Then Oliver Heldens and music of that genre. Now it is everything from Kygo to hard to hiphop to whatever. It is all different kinds of flows and vibes now.

Victor: There is always one or a bunch of artists leading the way or creating a new path. Maybe we will be it this time with our new chapter.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Where do you see yourselves and your music in the next five years?

Victor: I think in 5 years we will be doing more shows and bigger events. This new chapter I hope will be the next chapter in our careers and in the next five years maybe have our label, our own parties and the Visionairz is an actual thing. Not just changing DubVision the artist but also the brand. That will be our vision, DubVision.

Stephan: It has always been a dream of mine to have my own parties in Ibiza at major clubs. Like Steve Angelo has his and for us to have something like that.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Finally, if you both had to pick an animal that the other would be, what would it be and why?

Victor: Stephan would be a monkey because monkeys do naughty stuff and they are mischievous and always are doing cheeky things.

Stephan: Victor would be a mouse because he’s smaller then me and faster. I guess that is the answer the monkey and the mouse.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: That is funny, well thank you both so much for speaking with us we definitely enjoyed this opportunity and can’t wait till the countdown is over for this Next Chapter.

Today, Saturday April 30th, the final countdown will be over for DubVision and fans can finally see what is in store for this next part in their careers. Be prepared because you fans, the Visionairz should be ready for anything with these two. Check back on their twitter and website for the latest with this new chapter. As always keep up with us at Epic for the most recent updates and news. We cannot wait for that clock to hit zero and see what DubVision has been working on.