Masterminds from the moment they were born, both brothers of the magnificent duo of DVBBS have stolen the hearts of so many dance music fans, with consistent energy at every show and banger after banger being released, each one gaining more popularity than the last, these two guys have skyrocketed their career and their success to an all time high.

After attending some of their most recent shows within the past year, I was more than lucky to get a chance to interview them and find out a bit of how such a successful partnership gets to where it is today. Enjoy!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How did you come up with your artist name?

With a little bit inspiration from jeweler BVLGARI, we have created this DJ name, and it works on a lot of levels. We are a couple, doubles, it looks cool and it’s a wink to our past as dub reggae artists, when we still had dreadlocks.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What's it like, working together as brothers?

It’s amazing because we know what our strengths are. Chris is really good with the technical and rhythmical stuff and Alex is mostly the guy who comes up with the melodies so we do work very well together in the studio and behind the decks as well!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What made you want to start a career in music?

We were always busy with making music. When we were 17, we made a very experimental album as DVBBS and when we were 11, we started our first band. We have also been quite awhile hip in the Canadian punk scene and now we are discovering the electronic music scene!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What song do you feel launched your career?

When “Tsunami“ hit the charts, it catapulted us into the highest spheres of EDM-music.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What is your favorite event to perform at?

There are so many good music festivals were we performed, such as Tomorrowland, EDC and Mysteryland, but Ultra is definitely a legendary one. Ultra is really a big deal for us and it is awesome to be able to say that we performed at Ultra in our career.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How is it, working with Spinnin' Records?

It’s amazing to work with them! We’re producing tracks every day and bouncing them back and forth with Spinnin’ Records. We can do a lot with their feedback!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What do you guys feel is your greatest accomplishment as a duo?

The moment we got the news that we were at #16 in the top 100 from 2015, we went crazy! It’s just a really indescribable feeling but most of all it’s really really awesome for us both.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You guys are amazing at creating constant bangers, what's your secret?

I think our success is mostly because we just produced some really well received tracks in a short amount of time. Obviously "Tsunami" but afterwards we did "Gold Skies" with Martin Garrix and Sander van Doorn and they are all really awesome guys. We loved working with them.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: At every festival I have seen you guys perform at, your energy is impeccable. Do you have a tradition before shows?

We don’t have a special tradition but when we have enough time to chill before our set, the energy is always on point!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Lastly, if you could embody any social network for a day, which one would you choose and why?

Snapchat! We love to film crazy stuff and sharing it with our fans!