Music is expanding and it seems that everyday there is someone new or a new sound playing on the radio. Yet you always know the minute you hear a song when it’s going to be a huge hit and that you are going to hear often. At the end of this article I am going to recommend you go check out a new track from DVBBS and Jay Hardway. If you are the type of person who gets annoyed when you cannot get a song out of your head, I would be cautious in clicking on the link as this song is infectious and very hard not to sing once it goes off.

On the other hand, I have to say I RECOMMEND you go listen to this song immediately because it will probably he heard multiple times at Ultra and for the rest of the festival season. You should probably just go play it while reading this interview. I am anxious to hear its vocals and pounding house beat live in a crowd with thousands of people. "Voodoo" is the title of the amazing track that was produced with rising stars DVBBS and Jay Hardway got together to collaborate on an amazing track EPIC Productions got a chance to talk to the guys about this track and figure out a few secrets about what is making this one take off this year. Here’s a little inside peak to the amazing talent of these producers.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: DVBBS and Jay Hardaway, thank you guys so much for letting us get a few questions in! Your new collaboration "VooDoo" is amazing. I can’t wait to hear this live during this summer festival season.  When did you guys decide you wanted to do a track together?

DVBBS: We knew each other from festivals and parties and stuff and we got along really well. Obviously we liked the same kind of music but we did see that our styles were very different but together they could work out perfectly. So we headed into the studio and started producing, a month or two later we had "Voodoo"!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: The vocals on the track are everything. They just get you so pumped for what’s about to come. How did the concept of this song come up?

Jay Hardway: We were trying some different stuff and then we had the vocal thing, and we thought it would be cool to have a deep house feel in the break and after that a smashing drop!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: For all of the aspiring producers out there, what program do you guys use to make this amazing track?

Jay Hardway: I usually use Fruity Loops or FL Studio.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: With this collaboration what came first, the vocals (I can’t seem to get “Oooh Oooh" out of my head lately) or that powerful drop that just gets you jumping?

DVBBS: We did the vocals first…

Jay Hardway: After that we wanted to bring that energy that it sort of calls for in the drop.

DVBBS: And we did! Haha

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Obviously your sound has evolved and you are testing out and trying new things. What’s one tool or plugin that you have now that you like to use that you wish you had in the beginning when you first started making music?

Jay Hardway: I think the key is to try new plugins and packs every song. That way I become way more creative and try different things every song. Even if it's something small, always try to bring something unique to every track.

DVBBS: This has been a really good example of how you should always be pushing yourself to try different things. We saw that our styles were different from each other but we used that difference to come up with something new, it’s really cool how stuff like this comes together.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: March is the kickoff for all of us music fans in getting us prepped for the season, What do you guys have in store for Miami Music Week?

Jay Hardway: Playing shows, playing new music, do some interviews and most of all enjoy the sun and parties haha!

DVBBS: Jay got it quite right haha, it’s going to be an awesome week with parties, friends and shows. We really enjoyed it last year, so we can’t wait to be there again!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: And this seems like the obvious question, but are you guys going to collab again so we can be blessed with even more songs like this?

Jay Hardway: We loved to work together on this project and we still get along really well even after a lot of hours together in the studio, so it’s definitely something that could happen again in the future!

DVBBS: Yeah! We’re always up for some new cool projects, so who knows when we’ll hit the studio again together with Jay!

And now here’s that link that I promised you earlier and don’t say I didn’t warn you when you are humming this song all day long. Look for more to come from DVBBS and Jay Hardway in the coming months as we kick into full swing of festival season.

DVBBS: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud JAY HARDWAY: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud