In addition to catching a phenomenal show Club Output in Brooklyn, NY, we were able to briefly chat with Kill Frenzy about the mystery voice behind several tracks on his debut album, artists he has worked (and would love to work) with, and what’s to come for the remainder of the year. Check out what went down below!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: In Claude Vonstroke's recent guest appearance on Rinse FM, he stated that you sampled your own voice on many of the Taylr Swft tracks! Any other interesting samples or quirky sounds you've experimented with on that album/recent collabs that you can share with us?

I did. I do it out of necessity, really, because I don't know anybody who can do vocals for me, and I don't have the patience to wait for vocals from somebody. Although, I would love to work more with other peoples’ voices! I made all of the vocals for “No Panties,” All Night Long,” and “So Fine,” but I need [to do] a lot of processing on the computer to make it sound good… Like that South Park episode about Lorde!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Past, Present, OR Future: If you could choose one past artist or legend to work with, who would it be and why? Favorite artists or producers you've collaborated with recently/are working with currently that really stood out to you? What artists would you enjoy working with/plan to work with in the future?

Kraftwerk… Although I’d be scared to do it, I think. Nobody can ever be as original as Kraftwerk. They are truly the masters. I would love to make a track with Kink, just so I could see how he works. Incredible producer, that guy.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What can we expect from Kill Frenzy in 2015? Any dirtybird parties in the works, and/or new music you’re working on that you’re really excited about?

Oh yes, there are some great Dirtybird parties coming up - I don't know [off the top of] my head, but it will be awesome. *laughs* I am working on new music and experimenting a lot. I have a new collab with Justin Jay coming out on Pets March 15, and I also [recently] did a collab with Sacha Robotti.

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