lib6.jpgSpring is the prime time of the year to attend festivals, and we are happily welcoming this beautiful season with open arms. As the sun shines down on us, the flowers are steadily blooming, and the weather is at it’s best, the collective spirits of many are high. At festivals, especially around this time, attendees are given the opportunity to thrive with thousands of other like-minded individuals, all whilst enjoying the simple things life has to offer- Music, Knowledge, Love, and Spirituality.

With festivals becoming so popular nowadays, some have lost sight of these amazing aspects of life, but one in particular has stayed true to it’s vision since the birth of the gathering- California’s Lightning in a Bottle Festival.


With just releasing an AMAZING lineup last month, they are yet again, deepening our respect for the event by providing ways to cultivate ourselves from the inside out. LiB is not only known for the phenomenal musical lineup they bring forth, but also their determination to set the grounds for the personal growth of each and every person involved.

Celebrating their 10-year anniversary this Memorial Day Weekend, the creators of the festival (known as The Do LaB) have promised to even further create the best experience possible. The Lucent Temple of Consciousness (The Temple), which is set in the heart of the festival, is what really makes LiB extremely unique. The placement of such a sacred place personifies it’s qualities perfectly, as I truly believe the activities that take place here touch your heart, your soul… essentially, the center of your being.

For 2015, The Temple has undergone a series of changes to farther develop it’s connection with all of us, and the festival itself. Although we are grateful for the sun beaming upon us, it is essential to rest our bodies and minds from the solar rays, and The Temple is the perfect place to do so. This year, a newly structured Bedouin tent will embody The Temple with massive shade for the day, and pillows at night to ensure comfort. In this relaxed area, there will be an array of opportunities to be in the presence of some of the best speakers today. These speakers are full of extreme wisdom and will bestow their wonderful insight right before our eyes (and ears). A couple of these include: Author and Ethnopharmacologist, Dennis McKenna, Buddhist Scholar and humanitarian, Pema Khandro Rinpoche, and so much more. Many different, mind-expanding topics will be covered to dig deep into your conscious and get those brain waves flowing.


Not only are next level speakers coming to spread their knowledge, The Temple also offers many divine activities to bask in. There will also be even more musical artists coming to vibe with us (“Father of Deep House” Marques Wyatt, Mia Doi Todd, + more), an expanded Learning Kitchen to attend nutritional workshops, an even bigger Healing Sanctuary (with soul-touching body workers, readers, energy practitioners, etc.), and numerous instructors and DJs to guide the spiritual awakening of the body with Ecstatic Dance and Contact Improv!

For the first time, The Temple will be holding a 12-hour pre-event to get everyone ready for the festival. Taking place in downtown LA on May 3rd, all are welcome to come out and get a taste of what the Lucent Temple of Consciousness is all about. Stay up-to-date with information on this inaugural event and RSVP HERE.

With the countdown to this spirit-lifting, soul-fulfilling festival getting closer by the day, we are becoming more and more eager with every announcement! LiB is a place to cleanse yourself of negative emotions, free your mind of worry, and install stillness and wholeness in every essence of your being. Join us on this magnificent journey! Tickets are selling quick, get yours HERE.

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