The Indiana kid gone big time. Kill Paris has been on quite a journey to get to where he is today. He started playing guitar at the age of 15 and from there he began to learn to play the piano, bass, and drums. From there he has been all over the place. He attended college in Tampa and from there went to Nashville. In Nashville he felt unfulfilled and went back to Florida, but this time to Sarasota and this is where he really got involved in DJing. He would travel all around town with all of his equipment and play anywhere he could. After a year of that he moved back to Indiana where he picked up a 9 to 5 job at a music store, taught 1 on 1 production lessons, and became a Ableton Certified Trainer. One more move changed it all as he was burnt out with the normal routine and trekked across the country to Los Angeles.

Then in 2012 his music career really began to take off after he released a few singles for free that have created the signature Kill Paris sound we have come to love. His combination of hypnotic bass melodies intertwined with funk and glitch elements, Kill Paris began to stand out. In 2013 he signed his first ever publishing agreement and in the same swing released his first EP To A New Earth on OWSLA.

In 2014 he released his 2nd EP Foreplay also on OWSLA which was accompanied by his first music video for his and Bees Knees Keytar Mix of “Falling In Love Again" featuring Marty Rod & Alma. He has played across a multitude of festivals such as Coachella, Snowglobe, ULTRA, Electric Zoo and so many more. Now the Indiana Legend is back with a new album Galaxies Between Us and it comes with a North American tour to boot. The album is that classic Kill Paris sound but with more “umph” and honestly a more seasoned sound as it seems Kill Paris is taking his skills to the next level.

I highly recommend listening to the album and showing the support because this is a up and coming star that doesn’t seem to be slowing down in the slightest bit. I love the album, I love the tour, I love Kill Paris and the direction he is going in and so now here is my interview I had with him this past week. In this interview, Kill Paris discusses with me the creative process behind Galaxies Between Us, how he came up with the incredible name Kill Paris, and his REAL opinion on the current state of the music industry.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: To start, I have to ask, the name Kill Paris may be my favorite DJ name I’ve heard, how did you come up with it?

Kill the mindset of putting people on pedestals who don’t do anything positive for humanity.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How does it feel to look back on the road you took to get to Galaxies Between Us?

It was/is an incredibly cleansing experience. It was frustrating as well, I took more time to finish this than any other piece of work. I’ve also come to the realization of focusing on being grateful for the audience I’ve cultivated. I’m not focused on being the biggest artist in the world, i’m focused on the direct connection with the fans. That’s why I started the label Sexy Electric which focuses on growing unique artists and offering the music for free. Galaxies Between Us is my leap of faith. I’m very grateful to have these amazing fans and friends supporting me.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: If you had to choose one song off of Galaxies Between Us, which one would you say really stood out to you as you made it?

All of them really, as it was a journey. BUT, I flew Royal out to my place in Boulder for a week. We made 3 songs in 3 days together. Operate is one of those songs. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN. I love Imad (Royal) and he’s one of the most creative and inspiring people i’ve met. We really had fun with that song and it comes from a very honest place.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: On your Bandcamp you state that this most recent album is a reflection of everything in the past year. The ups and downs, your frustration with the industry….what frustrates you about the industry?

I just get frustrated with the “ego” of most artists and I found myself thrown in the middle of that. There’s a lot of alienation in the music industry and at times it feels just like high school drama. There’s also this virus in some peoples heads that makes them think they just need to get as big as possible and get the most fans the most plays the most of everything!! It’s a disease. I’m in a place now where I just am focusing on being grateful for the people who have supported me over the years and completely impacted my life just by listen or sharing my music. I’m forever in debt to the fans. I never want to forget that.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Sexy Electric, sounds sexy, what is it like to have your own record label?

Its the most satisfying and exciting and work intensive and incredible thing I’ve ever been a part of. I have an amazing team of humans around me with the label. It’s such a cool think to see blossoming and evolving.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Who was your musical inspiration growing up and why?

My strong influences when I started making music were Incubus and Bjork. Everything stems from that for me. The funk and Motown stuff I eventually got into i found because of Mike Enziger’s guitar work on the early Incubus records. My intro to electronic music was Bjork’s Vespertine. Everything stems from there for me.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you have any dream collaborations that you would like to make a reality one day?

Not specifically because I don’t like the creative process to be calculated. I just want to work with cool people.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Out of all of the festivals/venues you have played at, which one was your personal favorite and why?

I’ve cried at Red Rocks the 2 times I’ve played. But really whatever show I’m about to play, playing, or just finished playing, is my favorite.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Which was your favorite stop along the way, Indiana, Florida, Nashville, LA or your current location Colorado & why?

Every place is different and I’m grateful to get to see all these places.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What encouraged you to get a Snapchat?

It’s just cool and direct and I’m always interested in new technologies that directly connect fans. I like it.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What was the strangest Snap you received on Snapchat?

You spin me right round, baby right round..

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Which of the social media channels is your favorite?

Twitter, because it’s most direct and you can have convos with people easily.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: The big and final question and I know just coming off the Galaxies Between Us release, but what is next for Kill Paris?

I’ve got like 2 albums already done just from the overflow of music I made to make Galaxies so, who knows. I have my own label to be able to release music as frequently and freely as I want. I’M STOKED.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Can you see that far ahead as what you want to achieve?

I just wanna keep making music and enjoying life with good people.

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