In the world of electronic dance music, Grammy awards and DJ’s are not usually synonymous with one another. Everything changed when DJ and producer, Cedric Gervais, was awarded for his remix of Lana Del Rey’s," Summertime Sadness". Since then, Cedric has been dedicated to making music for his fans. He’s been touring all over the world with upcoming shows in Jakarta, Tokyo, Osaka, and Manila, and isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How do you prepare your sets?

It’s a lot of work because festival sets and club sets are completely different. I do a lot of visuals during the set. For example, when I play Lana Del Rey, she’ll come on the screen and sing. It’s a lot of preparation for all of this.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What do you think distinguishes you from all of the other artists in the industry?

I think it’s my hair!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Well, you do have great hair!

Haha thank you! But I think it’s the music that I play. I play high energy. I don’t like to play all of the major songs and if I do I like to edit it.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How did it feel when you won your first Grammy?

It felt amazing. I felt that I was out of this planet like I was somewhere else but to me it’s in the past already. It’s like what’s next?

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Did you practice any facial expressions in the mirror to prepare if you won?

Nope! When they called my name and I walked to the stage, that’s when I thought about my speech.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Your name is now one of the biggest names in the world. When you started out as a DJ, who did you consider to be your biggest support system and your inspiration?

Well my biggest support is definitely Sheran and Deep Dish back in the day when they signed me. My inspiration back in the day was Daft Punk and Carl Cox.. Those were the guys I grew up with.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: If you could collaborate with them in the future, do you think you would?

I don’t think it’s possible. We’re musically different but I support them.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You recently gave out certain tracks for free. What made you want to release them freely?

Because it’s good to give out free music! I make tracks for free because everybody keeps pushing their record “buy my record, buy my record, buy my record, I want to be number one.” I don’t give a shit. I was number one, I won a Grammy, I have a major hit on the radio, so now here’s some free music for you guys.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Sounds like you just want to keep your fans happy. Is that what it is?

Oh yeah... I did that with Hotstack last year! We were actually the number one top download last year, there were over 500,000 people who downloaded the track. It was insane.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How happy did that make you to see your fans support you like that?

It was so great!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You do a lot of competitions so your fans can win tickets to any of your shows. Which shows would you recommend?

Las Vegas! It’s pretty fun.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Is EDC Las Vegas a part of your plan this summer?

Not this summer. I’m taking a year off. I’ve done it every single year. I love going it’s just been a little too much so I’m taking a year off. I’ll do it next year.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What environment is most favorable to you? Is it the night clubs, pool parties, or festivals?

Oh I like everything. I get excited about all of the shows but nightclubs are more intimate with people.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Being in every environment and traveling all around the world, what would you say is the craziest thing you’ve seen or experienced at a show?

It was when I went to play in Japan. It was my first time in Cobe and there were 7,000 people. You know how it is in Japan, not everyone speaks English and I was with Steve Aoki who just played a set right before me. He was like, “they don’t know any of my songs, this is crazy.” So I’m like okay.. I’m gonna try this. So, I turned the sound down and they were all singing to the song I dropped. Steve was like, “this is insane, I’ve never seen this before!”

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What are your plans for this upcoming tour?

I’m putting a tour together. My song “Love Again” is doing very well. It’s featuring Eddie Tampozi on the radio. Once it blows up I’m definitely going to be doing a tour.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: From being on tour, how do you balance out your home life and work life?

I just balance it out by working out and I box. I live between Miami and Aspen so when I’m tired of this whole thing, I just go to Aspen.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So for my last question... It’s my favorite question because it always makes me curious to see what spirit animal artists choose to represent them. What spirit animal would represent you, Cedric Gervais?

A lion.


Because I want to eat everybody!

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