LBL Energetic, humble and innovative are just three of many words I could personally use to describe Lucas Cornelis van Scheppingen, better known as Laidback Luke. Born in the Philippines, and growing up in Holland Laidback Luke (LBL) has been surrounded by music for most of his life. From learning guitar to diving into graffiti art, LBL has seemingly always been immersed in music and creativity. Working with big names such as Steve Angello, David Guetta and many more, LBL has created music and left his mark on the music scene for years. Laidback Luke has headlined events from Beyond Wonderland to EDC and many in between always bringing a vibrant and original set to every event.

Chico residents (and even some travelers) had the unique experience to see Laidback Luke at the Senator Theatre in October, weeks before his new album Focus was released on November 6th. The Senator Theatre provided an intimate setting for fans to fully enjoy all LBL has to offer. Us over at EPIC had the opportunity to sit down with Luke to chat and catch up about all things music and more.


EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So, just to start things off, how was your birthday(yesterday):

It was really good. Didn't really do much. It was very quiet, but I like it quiet.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: A couple weeks ago you put out a single off of your new album Focus, can you tell me a little bit more about Focus, the story behind it and where you are going with it?

So basically Focus is a challenge of mine that I set myself up to. I tried to make 30 tracks in 30 days and I didn't lock myself up in the studio. I was actually traveling, dealing with jet lag, making music at the airport. So I did it, and from the 30 tracks we picked 16 and that became the Focus album.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: If you could describe Focus in using only three words what would they be? 

Varied, non-pressured, and enjoyable.


EPIC PRODUCTIONS: For our readers who don't really know about Super You&Me, which you did at Beyond Wonderland and you will be doing at Escape, can you explain what it is to us?

I have always wanted to be a superhero and growing up back in the 90s in Europe. Most of the illegal house parties were themed parties and at a certain point that was gone. I always remember having such fun living up to a night and wondering what I would wear and what my friends would wear. And it always added so much fun and such a backdrop to the night and then it sort of disappeared. So through that I created a Super You&Me theme, and it's all about dressing up and it is all about having fun. And the thing is, it's not just the DJs should feel like superheroes the crowd as well. It feels like such a hurdle when you're on the stage in a superhero costume, I keep forgetting how hard it is. With the costumes and with gloves it gets really tricky.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You spend a lot of time on the road, what do you do during your down time?

I actually like keeping busy. So right now, my new hobby is editing videos(see below). All of the blogs I put up I film and edit myself. I'm a geek like that, I'm diving into the whole fabric of film and editing and I love it at the moment. I also have my second career in Kung Fu so yeah there is that.


EPIC PRODUCTIONS: We asked our followers if they could ask you one question what would it be, and they want to know how you and Gina Turner(DJ and Laidback Luke's wife) met? 

Oh, that is very cute. We met through the DJ scene. She back in the day, Steve Aoki had his own night in LA that was quite underground and she was hosting me there. So basically we met there, and I found out she was a DJ and we connected and we stayed friends for a couple of years. Then basically, when I left my ex-wife I started to be more involved with her.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: When I went to EDCLV three years ago you played Bae, and it took me like three months to find the song, it was so much different from anything else you had released and I finally found out it was you and Gina. 

Yeah that was a really fun project, I'll have to play it tonight now.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How do you and Gina keep up your relationship. You're both DJs in the industry, both have side projects, and traveling so much, how does it all work successfully?

Well it may sound very boring to a couple of people, but the key is planning. So the whole month we will plan out, and it will be planned month by month. However, we have one rule where we can not not see each other for more than 7 days. So it's like an ongoing puzzle but that is how we make it work.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Wow that is really cute, and admirable that you both take the time to take it so successful. So you have been to Chico before, and it's one of the smaller venues, can you tell me about anytime that a show just really stuck with you?

My first Sensation White, back in 2003 in Amsterdam stadium. It was like 40,000 people dressed in white and I remember dropping one track that everyone new. And the applause in a stadium that big, feels like you're scoring a touch down or getting a goal. I remember getting goosebumps with all of these people.


EPIC PRODUCTIONS: The DJ who opened up before you, DJ Imullinati, is actually a Chico State sophomore, he has been DJing small events and house parties and had the opportunity to play tonight. What advice do you have for people who are reasonably fresh in the scene at a very young age?

The key is to not give up. It's a tough tough industry, and a very rough industry to get into. It was the same when I was coming through. So, a lot of times you will get discouraged and feel like you will never get there. I have even been there before, but you always pull through and keep working hard you will get it.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Last question I always ask, what is your favorite food of all time and why? 

I used to cook a lot, but the last year I have been very into fitness dieting, so I'm not as adventurous anymore, so right now it would be sushi and sashimi. It's plain, it's fresh, its light.

Check out the vlog, Laidback Luke did that features his Hawaii and Chico show below, and click HERE to get Focus.