We had a chance to sit down with Leah Culver - A female powerhouse in the EDM scene. Originally from Atlanta, Leah has been able to gain credible recognition from top DJ’s as she’s made her way to LA. Traveling all around the world, Leah has had the opportunity to rock top stages at venues like TomorrowWorld, and Imagine Festival. Here’s what she had to stay about her successful, impactful, career thus far.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What marked the start of your musical journey/ dream of becoming an artist? 

Well, I've been singing and playing instruments as long as I can remember. I grew up in a very musical family. I always wanted to be a front woman. I pictured big stages, life on the road, and being in studios all the time.  I've worked a lot of jobs and have never found anything that makes me as happy as writing music and playing music. I get a genuine high off of it and I feel most like myself. I would never choose anything else over being an artist and it means everything to me.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How did your career really start running (what was it like starting in Atlanta/ OR LA?)

I had played shows as a singer before but my DJing career started in the summer 2011 at a packed out club in Atlanta called Wobble Wednesday's. My hands were shaking and I'm pretty sure I was playing on a tiny controller. I kept playing shows in Atlanta saturating the market heavily. Soon after that I was playing all of the popular Atlanta clubs and all of the popular surrounding cities. Five years later, now I have really honed in on my own artistry and have added origins music with singing and live instruments to my sets.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What inspires you to incorporate lyrics with your tracks, rather than keeping them strictly electronic like many mainstream edm artists? 

Vocals are the human component to every song. Singers are the way to really connect with the people listening. You can feel music and you can understand how it feels but when you hear a singer speak and sing the story that is the song, there's no better way to connect. I chose to sing and write lyrics because that is how I have always expressed myself the best. That's more me than anything.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: In the past two years, you’ve made quite a few appearances on some big stages! What has been your favorite location/ set to date?

My favorite location to date was in Fukuoka, Japan because it was such a culture shock. I love the food there, I love the people, and I absolutely love the shows there! I enjoy playing anywhere people are listening and happy. I loved playing Imagine Festival, TomorrowWorld, Counterpoint Fest, and every city I've played.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Favorite story/ experience from the road?

I've had plenty of uncomfortable technical difficulties that I had to make shift into appearing subtle. One time I played in Colorado Springs and the sound cut so I started singing one of my songs a cappella while rebooting everything. By the time I got everything up and running again I went ahead into the song and I think it looked pretty smooth as if it was all on purpose.

What would you like to do next?

I'm excited to release a lot of new music and what I would like to do is to continue making better and better music that can help people in any way. I want to make new merchandise and tour so I can see all of my friends and spread my music!