Noah Neiman, a Texas-based DJ was gracious enough to give us an exclusive interview this week. Noah Neiman is a full time doctor by day and an inspirational DJ at night. He has recently produced the melodic hit, “Make It So Good” on Enhanced Recordings and toured on Tritonal’s sold out US album tour. We asked the new artist a few questions and we were eager to hear his answers.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What is it like working with some of the biggest names in the electronic industry?

It's exciting. Working with Tritonal, or labels like Enhanced or Revealed Recordings gives me a sense that I'm doing something right. That I'm making music that's of good quality and is worth listening to.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Who is your biggest inspiration on the industry?

I'm not really sure if I could just pick one person, but guys like Cash Cash, Morgan Page, Tritonal and Skrillex are all big inspirations to me.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What is one mistake you see other up and coming artists make and how are you stopping yourself from making the same mistake?

A lot of younger guys are putting everything they have into music, which is great. But I think that neglecting school with hopes of becoming a DJ isn't the best plan. The music industry is so fickle and so exclusive, statistically speaking, you'd have a hard time breaking through all the noise just simply because there are already too many people trying to do the same thing you're doing.

I'm not saying not to pursue your dreams. What I am saying, however, is keep at it with school and study hard. You can do both and be successful!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What is one track that never gets old to you?

Hero by Pegboard Nerds ft. Elizaveta. It's a fantastic track!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What festival would you like to play at that you haven't already played at?

I'd probably have to say EZoo or EDC Las Vegas.

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