It seems as though every time a line up for a show or festival is released, Quintino is a name that always pops up. It’s a no brainer why Quintiono headlines the best shows all around the world. With his progressive beats, he’s known for always going hard and having the crowd bathe in bass. He delivers every time he steps on stage and at Miami’s Spinnin’ Sessions, he did just that.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So, I always love to see why artists choose their names. Your name literally translates to “the fifth.” Why did you choose Quintino as your brand name when you could’ve chosen anything?

My real name is Quentin and it’s a really easy thing. I was working at an Italian restaurant when I was 16. It was my first job and they called me Quintino and everyone from the city called me it. It was easy going and they made it up for me.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: I feel like every time I see a line up, you’re always on it. Do you ever take a break?

I never take a break, not much. I just love it a lot. I take breaks in the studio.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you ever get a say in what you’re doing?

Yeah my agent knows me very well for like 6­7 years. She knows everything that I’m doing. So only when she’s not really 100% sure she’ll ask me.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How long have you been DJing for?

I seriously for 5 but I’ve been DJing since I was 18 years old so 10.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You were discovered by Laidback Luke right? How did that happen?

We played at the same party and I played after him. He watched my whole set and came up to and said he really liked it and that I was a real DJ. He wanted to keep in contact?

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Was that very surreal?

Yeah! I was really happy . We kept in contact through email and I just went with him to parties and he helped me with my first releases. I’m really happy about it. It changed my life when I was 18 you know? You’re just trying to do stuff and he gets you through everything.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So if you weren’t DJing, what would you be doing?

I have no clue... no clue

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Besides DJing, what are your other hobbies?

I love playing soccer but I really love music so I never thought about anything else.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Have any of your friends from home ever tried to get you to play at their parties or anything?

Hahaha no, they know that’s not gonna work.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What are you excited for most during Miami Music Week?

The unexpected things are the best. For example, if you’re just having fun at a party and everybody comes up and all your fans are there because everyone’s DJing... You usually don’t get to see each other.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: It seems like everyone at Spinnin is one tight knit family.

Yeah it is! And also it’s because I know what to expect from the parties and I know what exactly what I’m gonna do the upcoming days. But the unexpected things are the best so it can be anything like good food or meeting up with someone.


Yeah I love food.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What’s your favorite food? *Please say sushi*

There’s so much good food, I like sushi but if you got really good pasta or really good meat.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Besides the food, what type of crowd do you like playing for?

I love the big festivals or the smallest crowd with like 100 people. For example, a crowd like this or a rave.. You can play anything.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What about warehouse raves?

Yeah I love them.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What are some of the best small clubs you’ve played at?

I played one in Asia unexpectedly. It was so small but they were sooo into it. It was somewhere in China. I could play anything I like and there was such a good connection.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you plan your sets out or do you just wing it?

No I just do whatever I feel like. I know what records I’m gonna play but I don’t know when I’m gonna play it. That’s the nice thing about DJing because if you play a set you already know, you’re gonna fall asleep.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How do you discover new music?

I listen to a lot of demos. I have a demo drop account and I get all the promos for the new stuff.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: It sounds like you’re returning the favor almost like what Laidback Luke did for you.

Always... I take a lot of time from 50 to 100 demos a week. I love to do it and they’re happy for the feedback.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So when it comes to producing tracks, how do you go about with picking vocalists?

Vocalists is the most difficult thing there is because you make a record, you have an idea and it never works out. You have an idea but it’s never gonna be the same because you don’t know how she’s gonna sing. It’s difficult. You just have to try a it few times. In LA, we tried 20 vocalists and got one or two.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Would you sing on your track?

DJs don’t sing. That’s why I became a DJ.


I can sing, but you’ll run away.


I did it in Japan. I was with Above & Beyond and we were in the karaoke room for five hours drinking and singing.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What’s your go to karaoke song? Mine is Sisqo’s ‘Thong Song.’

OH SHIT! I just like singing the stupid stuff.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Can you at least sing a Do Re Mi?

Haha No.. That’s why I became a DJ!


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