Not only does 25 year old Parisian DJ Michael Calfan have perfect flowing locks, his music is pioneering the “soul house” movement across the world. Known for mixing in different soul and blues genres into his dance music, Calfan is inspiring other DJ’s to take the plunge to combine new styles to create a fresh sound for a genre of music that has been around for decades. We caught up with Michael Calfan at the Spinnin’ Sessions Party at Nikki Beach during Miami Music Week to talk about his ever popular track “Prelude” as well as what’s next for him. We couldn’t stop staring at his beautiful hair and we wished he could talk to us every day in that amazing French accent. Not only does he love the ladies, he has an undying passion for dance music evident through his mission to make his listeners happy.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Your set was amazing! We’ve never seen so many people so happy! Do you plan your sets or do you just wing it?

No, no, I don’t know what I am going to play- when I started touring a lot three years ago, I used to plan it because I was a bit shy. Now, I am more comfortable, so I just have to look at the crowd and try to catch the vibe. Then I just play.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you ever plan out your festival sets?

No. When I know that I am playing a festival, I know what I am going to play. It depends what the guy played before me, if it is daytime or nighttime, and then I see the crowd. If there are some girls… I prefer to play for the girls!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Well, on behalf of the ladies, we love it. Keep doing what you are doing! So, your latest music video for “Prelude” is incredible. What inspired your production?

Actually this guy produced it! (Michael Johansson) I knew him for two or three years because he used to come and film my gigs. He is so talented and amazing and actually the girl in the music video is his girlfriend!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Where are you from in France? And how does the music scene compare to here?

I am from Paris and it is so different. Here, they are more hungry about music and are very excited about it; for you guys it’s a bit newer. For us, we have had this music for a longtime. It is much better for me to come here (to the USA) because it is new for me too. It’s new for you and it’s new for me!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What are you excited about this week?

Ultra! I am playing at Ultra and am really excited but nervous.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Are you still going to play for the ladies down there too?

Uh yeah! I will try to do my best! I’m always playing for the ladies. I try to do something different because everyone is playing EDM, but for me I like to do more house-y, sexy vibes.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: There are so many genres, progressive house, deep house etc. People throw you into the “soul house” category- what does that mean?

Two years ago, I was more progressive house and I tried to make different/more alternative music with another name. I loved working on that project and I was a bit mad because I couldn’t play those songs in the club. I thought maybe I could try to mix my style with another style, put it together, and create something new. That is how “Prelude” and “Treasured Soul” came about. They say that because there are bits of soul, blues inspiration, and African voice.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Thats always fresh, something this scene definitely needs. Do you think this EDM bubble is going to pop, or do you think there will always be room for growth and improvement?

There are so many different artists right now and it’s very nice because there is a new style every year. There are a lot of new styles coming, and everyone is doing their own stuff. Back in the day, a lot of people were doing the same music.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: When you are old and wrinkly, what do you want to be remembered for?

Nothing. No actually, I will be happy if they remember me for something, but I do this for myself first. If people are happy, I am happy. If people are happy while listening and playing my music, it’s wonderful.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: At 25 years old, did you ever think that you would be this popular at a young age?

For me, I have so many things to show to myself and to other people. I have so many new tracks that I want to show to other people, so this is really the beginning for me. Maybe I could be bigger, but I don’t do this to be the biggest DJ, I do it for the love of music.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What do you think you would be doing right now if you weren’t a DJ?

I’ve wanted to do this since I was fifteen- almost ten years. This is the best job, I’ve never wanted anything else.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What else are you doing this week besides Ultra?

I am playing at the Alesso party, I am playing at the Dancing Astronaut party, basically a party everyday. The last one is Ultra.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Are you going to be able to sleep?

I go out every night even if I am not spinning. I LOVE to go out but I feel great when I wake up!

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