tigerlily DJ TigerLily made her first ever debut in NYC at the infamous Webster Hall this weekend, and we were lucky enough to sit down and chat with the upcoming Australian producer and DJ in advance to her performance. Tigerlily has begun her U.S. Tour and is creating quite a buzz in EDM industry. She’s been working heavily in the studio, and collaborating with some of the top producers in the industry. Check out our interview below!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: First off I wanted to thank for allowing me to interview you! Ever since I met you last year at MMW I’ve been following your musical journey and I am so excited to see what 2016 has in store for you. How has it been being in the states the last couple weeks? What’s been your favorite city you played in so far?

I’ve been having the most amazing time in North America over the past few weeks. It’s a very exciting time for me full of change and challenges and adventure and I’m facing it head on. Every single show has been wild. I literally couldn’t choose a favourite city!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How ecstatic must you be to be headlining your first show ever in NYC at the iconic Webster Hall venue!?!

Pinch me? I actually can’t believe it. It honestly feels like yesterday that I was playing at the local hotel near my house.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Being ranked the #4 DJ and #1 DJ in Australia is such a HUGE feat in your career. How does it feel to represent your home land across the globe?

I’m very proud to be a young Aussie chick representing my country and doing what I love. We have such an exciting and fruitful dance music scene back at home, so to be able to venture from that to other countries is just amazing. There are loads of Aussie DJs and producers doing amazing things all across the globe, so I feel pretty proud!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How would you compare playing back home in Australia to playing in the U.S. ?

It’s pretty different but I love it. I think the crowds over in North America are much more open minded than the crowds back home in Australia which allows me to be slightly more creative with my sets. However, wherever I go everyone is full of love and good vibes and I appreciate that endlessly.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: If you had choose 3 words to describe your personality what would they be?

Weird, blue, banana.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: I know you must get this question a lot, but how did you decide on your beautiful vibrant aqua blue hair? (its my favorite color by the way)!

Thank you! I suppose I just tried a lot of different colours and this was my favourite too. Funnily enough I found out the other day that aqua is the colour of my most powerful and strong chakra (throat) which is a crazy coincidence.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: If you were stranded on island and could only have 5 things/people with you, what/who would they be?

My tour manager Lady Drewniak. Bananas. Sunscreen. Coconut water. Justin Bieber.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: I saw from your snaps when you were in LA that you spent a good amount of time in the studio? Can you tell us about any upcoming projects your working on? 

Yeah I’ve been spending a lot of time writing my upcoming single and further EP. My next single is called ‘Whenever I’m With You’ and it will be out in the next month or two. Then not too long after that I’ll be releasing a 5-6 track EP which I’m amped for.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Who are some of your biggest influences musically? Any producer in particular you’d love to work with someday?

So many of them ahhh. Producer wise I have a major crush on Porter Robinson - he is insane. Songwriter wise - I’d love to work with SIA - she is a legend.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So I heard before you got into DJing you wanted to be a pop star? Do you plan on ever singing on one of your tracks? 

Yes! I’m actually singing on some of my tracks on the EP.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: 2015 was a HUGE year for you. Did you have any new years resolutions coming into 2016?

Be Happy. Be Healthy. Remove all toxicity from my life. So far I seemed to have stuck to it.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Last one! Your show on February 6th in NYC might be your biggest stop on your U.S. tour, if you could tell your fans coming out this show what to expect from your set what would it be?

Fun. High energy. Bananas. Champagne. Good times.

And with that, we can't wait to sit down with TigerLily again in the future. She absolutely killed it this past weekend at her show in NYC - more coverage to come!