It’s hard not getting lost in the land of Tritonia when watching a live performance by the metamorphic duo, Tritonal. The American DJs consisting of Dave Reed and Chad Cisneros have built themselves from the ground up since they stepped foot into the music industry. Their progressive and electro house singles have reached #1 on Beatport and their radio show, Tritonia, gained mass international popularity instantaneously. Dave and Chad are adorned by their beloved followers, better known as Tritonians, and EPIC Productions was lucky enough to interview the force of Tritonal to get an inside scoop on what goes on in the land of Tritonia.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How have you been prepping for all of the Miami Madness?

Chad: While’st everyone has been in Miami partying all week, we’ve locked ourselves up in our studio!! Working on this next artist album, the sacrifice is REAL!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Growing up in Austin, Texas, did you ever envision yourselves to be some of the biggest DJs in the biz and be touring all around the world?

Chad: To be honest, absolutely. We had that vision early on, I personally think having a vision, setting goals and having big dreams is necessary! Would have I put money on it that we’d get to where we are? Probably not!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Whenever fans hear of Tritonal, they instantly think of being in a state of Tritonia due to your radio show. How would you describe a state of Tritonia?

Dave: Yes, but more so a journey! We love to bring fresh content each week on our radio show, along with this, taking our listeners on a full hour experience in what songs we're currently listening, what's hot at the moment and to hear how Tritonia alternatively becomes a filter for our live sets!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How do you find vocalists such as Sterling Fox and Phoebe Ryan to be the vocalists on your hit tracks?

Chad: As you make better and better music, you naturally are introduced to different talents across the world whom are like minded. You tour around, you meet people on tour, in meetings, and in writing sessions if you are a serious writer. We love writing songs, and working with new people.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Are there any other DJs in the business you want to collaborate with?

Big fans of Galantis, would love to do a record with those boys!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: With festival season upon us, what do you have in store for 2015 and which festivals do you plan on attending?

Chad: Well we cannot announce just yet, but there’s a handful we’re super excited about. The next few weekends we’re playing Seasons Festival in Vancouver, Euphoria Festival in Austin and Life In Color ­San Diego! We’re working as hard as we can to finish new music before they get here!!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Before playing at a show or venue, are there any rituals that you guys do?

Dave: We don't usually have any rituals before playing, normally just communicating on what we're going to play, perform etc. Sometimes though we do say a quick prayer before heading up! :)

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What’s the message you want your fans to get from your music?

Dave: We do feel our music portrays a positive message both contained lyrically, musically and emotionally ­ that's what we're all about! It means so much to us to hear when someone's life has been affected or changed in a positive way.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Are there any other accomplishments Tritonal would like to accomplish this year?

Dave: DEFINITELY! The list keeps growing ha! We're looking to accomplish our new artist album, always keen on learning new studio tricks, taking our touring to a whole new level of shows and performances.. So much!

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