Ignited in the summer of 2015, the DJ/Producer/Vocalist duo swept the dance music community off its feet, and fast. Breaking the norm, and creating a sound unique to their own from the start, BONNIE X CLYDE stole the hearts of fans from day one. With one male, and one female, a distinctive vibe, and a whole lot of talent it is no surprise the success they had in 2016.

From their first original release, “The Ride”, in July 2015 the pair proved themselves across the spectrum of dance music. Following the success of their first track includes originals “Rise Above” which reached a cumulative of millions of plays across streaming services, including the support of Trap Nation, and caught the eye of dance music powerhouse, Insomniac. 2016 proved even bigger, including direct support for Skrillex, numerous festivals such as Life in Color, EDC Orlando, and Nocturnal Wonderland, as well as their own Florida tour.

But what is it that made BONNIE X CLYDE so successful? Here at EPIC we broke it down into three main factors that highlighted their rise to success.

1.     Talent: Sounds obvious, right? Wrong. In such a saturated and demanding industry, it is hard to let your talent shine. It’s also a challenge to not just “sound like” someone else. BONNIE X CLYDE stole the show with their exclusive sound, that was eventually dubbed “Vocal Bass.” How many artists do you know that make “Vocal Bass”? My point exactly. A blend of their production skills, and vocals have helped to pave the way for their success.

2.     Aura: If you’ve seen BONNIE X CLYDE perform, there is a special energy about them. And if you haven’t seen them, watch the video below. But their Aura goes past their stage performances. The duo can often be found wandering the crowds, doing Live Streams to connect with fans, and creating a sense of connectivity, that so many artists lack.

3.     Duo Power: We've all heard the phrase two is better than one. And with the case of BONNIE X CLYDE that seems to fit. Having both a male and female(rare), in a duo together allows them to target different markets and gather fans strictly male or female groups couldn't tap into. This also allows an opportunity to feed off of each other during live sets, hold each other accountable, and push each other to new creative boundaries. 

BONNIE X CLYDE will be ending 2016 at Insomniac Events Countdown NYE event in Southern California. Can’t make it? Don’t worry. The duo will be on a massive tour in 2017 as well as their first EP release with Insomniac Records.

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