Just last week, dubstep superstar 12th Planet released his Gully Squad EP, a 7 track compilation of some of this year’s hottest sounds and collaborations. There has been a lot of scrutiny over the dubstep scene lately and 12th Planet aims to squash any of the negative accusations. Featuring artists such as Virtual Riot, Twine, LUMBERJVCK, and more, Gully Squad is a must for anyone who calls themselves a dubstep fan.

As one of the earliest pioneers of this genre, no one knows dubstep better than 12th Planet. He has influenced some of the biggest names in bass music and is constantly on the forefront of innovative music. It’s this ability to constantly be producing new sounding music that sets him apart and has served him a legendary title in the EDM community.

His Gully Squad EP is notably one of the heaviest EPs of 2016. By incorporating a wide variety of grimy new sounds, this EP is a great way to end the year and bring in the New Year with a whole new attitude to dubstep. If you haven’t heard the EP check it out in the link below and be sure to leave us feedback in the comment section below.