Just a few days ago, Josh Young of Flosstradmus announced he will no longer be a part of the group. The duo consisting of Josh as well as Curt Cameruci has been one of the biggest names in trap music for a number of years. They’re some of the earliest pioneers of the genre and have influenced so many artists today.

So why are they breaking up? After releasing an emotional Instagram post a couple days ago, Josh announced he will be leaving Flosstradamus to pursue his independent side project Me2. He emphasizes the break up is not due to any conflict with Curt or the Flosstradamus management. He also reiterated his love for his fans and the HDYNATION movement he started alongside Curt.

What can we expect for the future? Josh announced that he will not be leaving music but instead taking a different approach with his new project Me2. He states 2017 will be a big year with loads of new music and a different style. As for Flosstradamus, Curt will now “carry the torch” as he stated in a recent tweet and continue the HDYNATION movement. Though it’s sad to see the two splitting up it’s going to be exciting to see what they do independently. Will Flosstradamus stay split up? Only time will tell.

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