“This song is about the hopeless romantic inside all of us - in slow motion. I wanted to write about what it feels like to be in a relationship that takes us and traps us in time. We all know what it’s like to be with someone we know we have to let go. This song is about those stories, and how it affects us as people.” - Leah Culver on her inspiration behind “Slow Motion”

Leah Culver is not a stranger to the EDM scene. She is a Atlanta native DJ who has been recognized by many of the major artists headlining on stages today including Steve Aoki, Adventure Club, The Chainsmokers, Dada Life, GRiZ, and more! Her take on her newest single Slow Motion is the perfect example as to why she has gained such credible references. As you can see by her take on Slow Motion, Leah Culver takes her tracks beyond the beat - giving her audiences something to relate to, drown in, and meditate on. Taking music to the place it’s truly meant to be; impactful.

Leah Culver’s style in Slow Motion excudes that of a melodic, and mystical vibe. Slow synths, and subtle percussion accents lead you right into the vocals, performed by Leah herself, and quickly build into a smooth beat drop. Making this track a perfect union of a dance beat, with a lyrical message. As many EDM tracks solely focus on the party, big house, aspect, Leah Culver maintains solid ground on being an artist, as well as an entertainer with her mixes.

On the scene since 2011, Leah Culver has indefinitely powerhoused her way through this genre for good reason. If she hasn’t been on your radar yet - you’re welcome! Find which hit of Leah’s speaks to you, and let us know!