The lineup is great and your favorite artist is there. The location is in your range and they could not of picked a better venue to pick from; there's only one thing wrong. The minimum age for this show is 17 years old, which means that you'll be raging with high schoolers. It's seen as the downfall of the night but I'm going to tell you why it's not the end of the world.

  1. It could be their first show: Remember what your first show was like? I was 16 for my first show and it was the most transforming moment of my life. I met a ton of good people and I became closer with the friends that invited me out. It was the moment when I decided my career path and I would go see many more DJ’s after that. When I hear that it is anyone’s first show, I'll take action to make sure they're having a great time, no matter what age. You never know how a younger person will affect the music scene because of one experience.
  2. There are +21 areas to a lot of these venues: If you're front row, there will be a completely different crowd than the VIP area or the bar. Venues have already thought of this issue and it's your choice to utilize it.
  3. Ok I see your point but these kids don't know how to handle their substances: I would have to agree because most people at the age of 17 are not experienced enough to know what they're doing. No one popped out of the womb with a vast array of knowledge. Everyone has to learn and that's how these emerging adults grow up. They learn how to be more mature and control themselves. Just because some cannot handle themselves does not mean that we should exclude a whole age group. There have been countless times when I informed younger people about sketchy drugs that arise from shows and I ended up helping out a lot of people. The bottom line is that we should be educating the younger masses instead of pushing them away into obliviousness.
  4. It won't bother you unless you let it bother you: It's like planning to go to Disney World with your adult friends and contemplate going because you’ll see kids there. You can go to a show and never interact with a single teenager. You may see them having fun or being obnoxious or whatever it is they do these days. The point is for everyone to go out and enjoy the nightly adventure. What matters most are the people you come with anyways and they should affect your mood more than others.