libIf I was asked to put my experience at Lightning in a Bottle 2015 into three words it would be Euphoria, Speechless, and Unity. As an eager and unknowing first timer, my expectations were defied with excitement, joy, and memories. Headliners ranged from Odesza, to Griz, mixed with self-learning workshops, inspiring speakers and more. The specially curated lineup of musical acts, performances and more, show The Do Labs innovating thinking towards this special festival. The vibes you feel at Lightning in a Bottle are incomparable to any event you will ever attend, leaving you cherishing the moments you had with both friends and strangers, and highly anticipating the return of Memorial Day Weekend and LiB. The Do Lab, creators of Lightning in a Bottle announced late last week important news and updates regarding the festival. First, for those who wish to purchase, LiB will open its gates in 2016 a day early(May 25, 2016). This means you have the opportunity to not waste any music time setting up your camp, but will be able to do so while meeting your neighbors and exploring the lay of the land. While their specially curated lineups will not be starting that day, The Temple of Consciousness, Village, and Learning Kitchen will focus on workshops, speakers, and special evening celebrations. This gracious opportunity allows the energy to flow through the campgrounds even more so that when the festival is in full force, there is no denying the unity among attendees.

Those who choose to take advantage of this extra day will also get first dibs on High Grounds Camps, a new campground that gives you an optimal view of the entire festival layout. This premier option will be available Jan. 4th at 10am for a 24-hour flash sale with General Admission tickets being released Jan. 10. Be sure to follow the EPIC journey to LiB 2016 and check out the 2015 after movie to relive the magic of LiB, or see what to expect in 2016.

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