lolla berlin Lollapalooza is a renowned name. Well known to bringing popular rock, hip hop, and EDM artists in one place to be celebrated! Beginning in Chicago, Lollapalooza has traveled as far as Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. Now, it will be having its first European debut in Germany’s capital Berlin. Berlin’s vast, eccentric art and music scene make it the perfect spot for its first time.

Spanning over the weekend, Lolla Berlin will be featuring a talented lineup featuring of great variety. With the load of artists performing in two short days, here are my top five that will have me glued to their stages.

Sam Smith: Debuting a mere three years ago, Sam Smith is already an international success. His warm soulful voice can captivate your emotions as well as your dancing feet with some of his biggest hits. Raining in the top spots right against Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith is a voice that you’ll commonly hear on the radio. With huge hits like “Latch” with Disclosure, and a feature in Naughty Boy’s “La La La”, I’m fully convinced that a live performance from Sam Smith will be one that everyone will be talking about. Whether it be a crowd pleaser, or a tear jerking song. Sam Smith’s lyrics offer an experience - a story - for everyone to tune into.

Tame Impala: A hidden gem. Tame Impala is not a band that many people have come across. However, when you do, you’re instantaneously mesmerized by their smooth lyrics, and psychedelic vibes. Making them a perfect edition to Lolla Berlin. Their 1970’s vibe with a modern twist will have you wondering, “Why have I never heard of them before!?”, that is, if you haven’t already. Their most recent album “Lonerism” is a must hear in order to get amped for Lolla come September 11th.

Kygo: The first time I heard Kygo, it was to his remix of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”. After quickly glancing at the lineup, I was immediately drawn to his name thinking, “There’s no way.” Sure enough, this Norwegian, Tropical House DJ will be lighting up the stage. Huge hits like “Stole The Show” and “Firestone” will definitely strike familiarity with you. This Avicii-inspired DJ has played huge festivals, such as Ultra, and will surely bring the energy to Lolla.

Dada Life: The Swedish duo Dada Life are not only excellent artists, they are incredible entertainers. This is a performance that will promise not only amazing bass drops, but they will also get you involved with the show in eccentric ways. To throwing giant inflatable bananas into the crowd, to organizing pillow fights - you never quite know what Dada Life with throw your way. Despite this performances being a part of a collective lineup, the moment they begin to spin is the moment that the stage, and all that surrounds it, will become Dada Land.

Fatboy Slim: A UK EDM legend. Fatboy Slim has been in the business for decades, and will not soon leave the spotlight. Fatboy Slim is a diverse artist who has performed at an array of music festivals all around the world. He even performed at the 2012 Olympic closing ceremony. This UK DJ keeps you buzzing with his classic “big beat” music. Claiming the number three spot in 2013 with “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat”, remixed with non other than Calvin Harris. Performing on the first day, Fatboy Slim will ensure the party getting started the right way.

Lollapalooza is a festival that is always seeking to reinvent itself with the new, wild, and exciting. All while creating a sense of community with music lovers all around the world.. And what better place to do it than in the heart of Berlin. You can reference all the info for Lollapalooza Berlin HERE. See the official playlist preview here -