Calling all progressive house lovers -- Saturday, June 4, 2016 Audien and SNR will be performing at Ruby Skye in San Francisco and it is about to be one of the best show you have ever seen. These two progressive geniuses compliment each other better than peanut butter compliments jelly.

Some followers may know Audien for his groundbreaking track “Something Better” with Lady Antebellum mixing country and electronic dance music together or his radio smash hit “Leaving you” featuring MichaelS. but you show know him for his fire set at Summerfest 2015.Audien or Nate Rathbun, has been producing since he was 15-years-old and found his first single released at just 17. Even more impressive, this DJ rose out of the small unknown town of Mystic, Connecticut.

EPIC’s own Swapneel "SNR" Ukhalkar is an electronic dance music producer, DJ and software engineer from San Francisco. He spent most of his childhood tinkering with computers and designing algorithms for everything from file sharing programs to video conferencing. However, his true passion was always to create and evoke emotions in people through music. He quickly developed his production aesthetic and began unleashing his unique creations to the world.

Get ready to hit the town Saturday, June 4th if think you’re ready to get your mind blown.