World renowned turntablist, DJ and co-founder of Fool’s GoldA-Trak, has put a sick spin on electric pop music 'Shelter' orginially released by Porter Robinson & Madeon.

A few weeks ago progressive house DJ Porter Robinson, the genius behind songs like Sad Machine and Divinity paired up with house DJ and remix artist Madeon. The result? One of the greatest collaborations electronic music has ever seen. The duo released their song shelter on August 11, bringing to it their famous style, faded vocals and euphoric chords. The song has already reached over a million listens on soundcloud and the number keeps growing.

More attention was brought to the song when A-Trak put his own spin on it. The DJ made a live remix of Shelter and put it on his Instagram with the caption, “That new @porterrobinson & @madeon is like candy… Had to a lil live remix”. His remix adds in loops, filters and catchy vinyl scratches that left fans begging for more in the comments section. It is unknown whether or not A-Trak will finish the mix, fingers crossed.

Porter Robinson and Madeon announced their collaborative Shelter Live tour shortly after their song released, dates and locations can be found here.

Listen Porter Robinson and Madeon’s Shelter and A-Trak’s live remix of it in the links below and tell us what you think.


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Image Credit: Misha Vladimirskiy.