With Lightning in a Bottle behind us, we want remind all those who sat at home with FOMO that there’s still hope for you yet! LiB’s sister festival, Woogie Weekend, which was founded after the adored and iconic Woogie stage from LiB 2014, will be celebrating the weekend away July 8-10, 2016.

Last year, we got the chance to attend this festival last summer and we found that the good vibes never seemed to end. The Do LaB creates some of the most vibrant and astounding production there, the people their festivals attract always have the brightest smiles and personalities, and the music could keep you dancing longer than you knew was possible, but best of all -- it poured buckets on these sun-loving camping festival goers and it didn’t hinder the fun for a single second. Pure joy radiated from the deserts of Silverado on that weekend.

Don’t believe me? Watch the re-cap videos below and see for yourself. Also, get pumped and get to know who is playing at Woogie Weekend this year and watch the line-up video.