Woogie Weekend is one of the few places left in this world where you will find a collection of the most carefree, unique and genuine congregated in one place. As the pure happiness and creativity hung in the air of the Silverado fully grown adults were free to cat nap in the shade, water slide with floats, dance to wondrous house music, pain anything that comes to mind, dance with hoops and poi, and bike from one stage to the next.

This free form festival featured whatever activities each individual loved and in turn each festival experience was vastly unique. But, the one this every unanimously agreed on was that only set they couldn’t wait to see what that of Pumpkin’s.

On the unfortunate day of March 26,2016 his death was regretfully announced.

At Pumpkin's set one could find almost every camper lost in a soulful dance to Pumpkin's two-hour set under a drizzling sky. The smile on the DJ’s face radiated into the hearts of all those in the crowd that evening.

Sunday, at the Woogie stage of Lighting in a Bottle loving fans, friends, and family came together as a tribute to Pumpkin. There is no doubt that the love for Pumpkin at LiB rose to him that day. But, we hope that Pumpkin memory receives just as much love if not more at this year’s Woogie Weekend. His set gave the campers the engery they had to not only withstand the rainstorm but dance in it and no woogie feels right without Pumpkin.

To all the returning Woogie Weekend campers: we hope you bring something in honor of Pumpkin’s memory whether if be a sign, jewelry, a painting, or your smile that never faded from that day.