KSHMR & Tigerlily’s “Invisible Children” and Jango’s “IndiRasta” are just a little too close for fan comfort.

Indian American producer Niles Hollowell-Dhar aka KSHMR known for his 2015 release of Heaven with Shaun Frank has paired up with DJ Tigerlily. The result of the collab is a new track titled, Invisible Children. The song has underlying message about children suffering, the title referring to kids living in the slums, where poverty is such a common thing that society no longer pays attention to the issue.

Invisible Children was released on Spinnin’ Records September 5th and has been receiving a lot of attention. By September 6th it reached #6 on the Beatport Electro House top 100 chart and in just six days has over 200,000 listens and 13,000 likes on Soundcloud.

The track has also been receiving a lot of negative attention. Just four months prior to Invisible Children's release Israeli artist Jango came out with his original mix IndiRasta. The self-released track which had very few views at the time is now flooded with fan comments on how KSHMR and Tigerlily copied the song.

KSHMR & Tigerlily have addressed the plagiarism accusations and claim to have never heard Jango’s song. However, the similarities are a little too close for fan’s comforts. The Indian Vocal sessions pack is fair game for all to use, however the intro and bass lines are very similar and share the same style, with exceptions like IndiRasta’s longer intro before the vocals and Invisible Children’s version is more sped up and has frequent peaks and bigger drops.

Just a coincidence in similar basslines or possible plagiarism? Listen to both Invisible Children and IndiRasta below and let us know what you think!