In spite of the recent Fabric closure, it’s time for some happy club news. Berlin’s own, Tresor, is a living example that the spirit of the Rave is not as easy to crush as it might look like. Without any doubt, its recent 25th anniversary confirms just that.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, nightclubs were popping up like mushrooms after the rain. Techno was the perfect music to describe post-war Germany and the atmosphere around was revolutionary. The era was an outbreak, a protest against violence, a mix of confusion and euphoria, and celebration of freedom. At the time, the country was way too busy with politics and thus there was little to no control around illegal parties. Then something happened. Something that united East and West Germany into one and made a heart melting breakthrough for unity.

Tresor.Berlin, or simply Tresor,  is an underground nightclub and techno label in Berlin founded way back in March 1991. The venue was formed in the vaults of the former old destroyed department store nearby Potsdamer Platz. In fact, the discovery of the place was a complete accident. An accident that later became one a major turning point in German history and a reunion of the underground scene. However, it wasn’t easy: temporary closure in an early years, several raids, final closure and demolition in 2005 left its scars that would never alleviate completely.


SubBerlin, The Story of Tresor unveils the picture as it is, being told from different sides. Featuring resident DJs including Juan Atkins, DJ Rush, Chris Liebing, Josh Wink and many more, this documentary makes you look back in the past of techno revolution through their eyes. Club founder, Dimitri Hegemann, shares his experience along with what it was like to make a revolution in both political world and world of electronic music. What made thousands of clubbers from all around the world cry at Tresor’s last party?

Visit Tresor website.