If you’re a fan of dark, gritty bass music, I’m sure you’re more than familiar with this seemingly new subgenre known as “Riddim”. Riddim, in short, is an offshoot of dubstep that consists of repetitive synth work, triplet percussion, and an excessive use of flangers, choruses, and delays. Though minimalistic, riddim tracks often pack a punch that always seems to leave the crowd asking for more.

To me, what’s great about this subgenre is the experimental nature behind it. Defined almost solely by elaborate synth work, riddim has allowed for the emergence of a whole new level of sound. New artists are emerging each day, incorporating new sounds/synth work in their productions that seem to only be pushing the genre further.

This subgenre has been emerging more and more into the mainstream as big producers such as Datsik, Getter, and many other big names have been showcasing it with-in their sets. Its rise in popularity not only attracts listeners but also producers who are eager to produce their own. Riddim sample packs have been some of the most sought after samples, reaching top charts on Beatport’s sample page on multiple occasions.

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