Berghain is known as the most exclusive nightclub in Europe. You’ve probably heard that name a lot buzing in the past few months. Or maybe you were the one of lucky ones who made it there.  When it comes to Berghain - It is truly a grey area in Berlin clubbing scene, a phenomena that made some noise for its strict entrance policies, that to this day nobody really seems to understand  completely. Even the guy himself – a legendary bouncer/photographer with the name of Sven Marquardt, loyal keeper of the place – gave Mixmag an interview about the policy of his decisions of clubbers’ admittance, which turns out to be “subjective”. If you want to have a piece of it – go ahead and try Berghain Trainer, an online simulation of what is it like to get your foot inside the Techno Altar. There is really no logical explanation behind this – even DJs themselves sometimes get turned away by Sven. Felix da Housecat is one of the many, for example.

However, it’s not just a nightclub anymore – but an official representative of techno culture of Berlin. Classified as a cultural part of German society – think theater, or a museum. Such was a decision of German court, which came to resolution that, from now on, Berghain is going to pay less taxes because it is not associated with entertainment but rather with art. Threatened to pay higher entertainment tax, the club stood back and won the argument.  You can read an original article in German here.

Such a gesture really shows contrast of how electronic music culture is treated around the world. While UK recently lost one of its most iconic venues, Germany is now treating it as something artistic; as a part of country history which has to be respected.

Have you ever been lucky enough to make it to the sacred venue? Did Germany do the right thing?  What is the future of techno music? Share your thoughts with us. Meanwhile, check out what happens in Berghain on the official website of the club.