If you find average DJ sets to be repetitive or dull, look no further. Saxity is a German based dance music duo that is dedicated to taking dance music and live performance to a whole new level. Applying live instruments such as the saxophone and guitar to their sets, Saxity gives a sort of energy to their sets that is completely incomparable. 

Since their explosion into the electronic music scene in 2012, Saxity has had numerous releases on large labels such as Pacha Recordings, Love Harder Records, Recovery House, and several others. Their music is some of the most highly requested in the house music scene right now and the duo shows no sign of stopping.

Though they are most popular in their home country Germany, their music is played all throughout the world. So where can you see them? Unfortunately a U.S Saxity tour hasn’t been announced yet, however the group has already toured in Ibiza, Mexico, Barbados, and Croatia leaving us to believe a U.S tour may not be far off.

We’ve seen the recent emergence of this saxophone type sound in many popular tracks. DJ/Producer Ookay even featured a live Saxophone in his set from EDC Las Vegas this past year(right).


From The Chainsmokers, 'Closer' to Justin Timberlake the duo has done it all. Is this new live performance style the future of DJing? Let us know in your comments below along with any of your favorite Saxity tracks.