Two days ago, Sam Feldt took to social media to post a limited time preview for a new track. Via Facebook, Sam Feldt stated that the song titled 'Runaways' would be coming soon, before taking the post down.

The preview featured a beach inspired music video - which is no surprise for this tropical house superstar. 'Runaways' proves to be an instantly engaging track with lyrics that fully embody that summertime fling we all love remembering. With a smooth beat drop it sends you into a memory of cruising with the windows down, whilst techno accents carry the mood throughout.

Sam Feldt has become a go-to name in the world of tropical and deep house audiences alike. Sam Feldt has been jet set to Europe, Africa, as well as the Middle East. He has also remained incredibly consistent with his remix collection Heartfeldt”. Of which, he is already up to collection #35 and it can all be streamed directly via his Soundcloud. Among the buzz of his collection of mixes, Sam Feldt is hosting a special pool party on Oct, 20, 2016 leading up to Amsterdam Dance Event - otherwise known as ADE.

Hit after hit, Sam Feldt has truly been a leader in summertime feel hits. Take a listen to his Heartfeldt mixes to keep summer alive for a little while longer. What are some of your favorite Sam Feldt memories?

Share in the comments with us, while we wait in anticipation for 'Runaways' Oct 7. release date.