When in Ibiza, Pacha tends to be a newcomer’s go-to spot. But when EDX, Hugel and Robin Schulz are playing there as part of David Guetta’s F*** Me I’m Famous series – it definitely should be your go-to spot. And as a first-timer, this is exactly what I did.

I’d like to note that there were some wary naysayers on the island who brushed off the night before it even started, given the substitutions in light of David Guetta’s absence that week. However, with the caliber of the acts + their delivery, even the biggest skeptics would have had an amazing night.

Granted, Pacha itself wasn’t quite as I expected, EDX, Hugel and Robin Schulz blew expectations out of the water. Hugel started off the night strong – at 12am mind you, because that’s how they do it over there – driving the energy right off the bat, with the perfect balance of leaving the crowd wanting more. As he self-proclaims across social media pages, “I make the girls dance,” and he definitely did (the guys too!).

EDX was up next and needed no introduction. Everyone’s ears seemed to immediately perk up when the progressive house icon stepped into the booth. EDX put on an electrifying set with a natural crescendo – peaking with numerous crowd favorites including Goombah and One Day Hero ft Lions Head. For a progressive house artist especially, EDX has a natural talent for guiding the night’s narrative, always interweaving a great rhythm with unique elements like muted, but satisfying, drops. Finally, EDX seamlessly transitioned the stage to Robin Schulz, who continued the energy and excitement all the way until the wee hours of the night (morning).

We got the inside scoop on the VIP of the night: EDX. Aka Maurizio Colella, the Italian/Swiss DJ who’s been making a name for himself across the world for more than a decade. Check out our interview below!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How was the show for you? Do you have a favorite moment?

There were many great moments, my set had a great flow and the crowd was simply amazing. I tested a few new bits and was super happy with the reactions…. 

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Walk us through your process of preparing for your sets. Was preparation for Pacha/Ibiza any different?

I didn’t really prepare - I play about 150 shows a year. This year Ibiza was pretty intense with about 15 shows during the summer. I maybe just added some now tunes to my pen drive and tested a few unreleased bits as well…

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What do you consider to be the best set you’ve played, and why?

Hahaha…. I don’t know, there are so many great shows and unexpected moments during my 20 years of travel and more… I can still remember unexpected shows. One was at EDC in NY in 2012, one was at EMF Guatemala in 2014 and Expection Music Festival in 2013. There are many more I can point out here. Small venues, cities I’ve never heard before, EDM audile all over the world is the best music crowd you can have.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you have a favorite spot, or a dream venue or festival you have yet to play at?

Not sure which one to point out, I have played so many. I think to play the right stage during the right time is everyone's dream. Well at least for me…

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You’ve had some amazing collaborations in the past – any vocalists, producers or artists you’d love to work with in the future, but haven’t gotten a chance to yet?

There are a few. I am always really impressed how singers are able to be so diverse and use their voice as an instrument. I’m always looking for something special and different.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: In addition to being a world-renowned DJ, you’re also a family man. How do you keep that work/life balance?

Family is key, a lot of friends is part of this. I really appreciate every single moment with my family.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You’re known for staying true to your sound and what you feel is great music. If you were to explore another genre of EDM (or music in general) what would it be?

Hard question, I simply love music in general. Something more alternative, phat but still with a sexy vibe, maybe even slower will be my direction.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Any hints at what’s in store for you for the rest of the year/2017?

Lot more touring. More music before the end of year, at least two more singles, maybe 1-2 remixes and the year has gone…

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