I was sitting around the other day thinking about all the things I’ve done with my life. At the age of 19, I was pretty okay with the list that was compiled. That is until I saw an article about how old Martin Garrix is, we are pretty much the same age. One is a worldwide music sensation, and the other sometimes goes to class with her shirt on inside out. This new found information got me thinking, at what age did these artists first breakout onto the scene? Many were a lot younger than you’d think. So, if you want to question what you’ve done with your life so far, read this list of DJs who made a name for themselves before the age of 21.

1.     Martin Garrix

We are starting with the person who is the reason behind the creation of this list, Martin Garrix. Garrix was just 17 when he produced Animals, a track that reached number 21 on Billboard’s Top 100 and immediately elevated him to stardom. Now, just at the mere age of 20 Garrix is a top EDM superstar, selling multi-platinum records, topping charts and headlining festival main stages all around the world.

      2.   Madeon

Attention was brought to this french artist when he released his “Pop Culture” mashup on YouTube at the age of 17, shortly followed by a remix of a Deadmau5 track. He is currently one of the biggest names in electronic music and is currently on tour with yet another young electronic music artist who started his career at the ripe age of 19, Porter Robinson.

     3.   Disclosure

Howard and Guy Lawrence, better known as Disclosure were ages 18 and 21 when Latch took over the music scene. Having a song that reached number seven on Billboard’s Top 100 and getting to work with Sam Smith at the age of 18? Sign me up.

In addition to these youngsters, at the age of 21 respectively one if not the biggest name in electronic music, Flume came onto the scene. As well as Alesso and tropical house legend, Thomas Jack.