beatzFrom being an opening DJ duo three EDC's ago, to today, you could say Firebeatz has definitely come a long way with their musical career. The dutch pair stormed onto the music scene in 2008, creating a name and a brand for themselves instantaneously. With energetic beats, and some of the best remixes out, Firebeatz has had high ranks on many festival lineups across the world. This was no different for Beyond Wonderland Bay Area, where the pair wowed fans with one of my favorite sets of the weekend. Beyond Wonderland Bay Area took place at the infamous Shoreline Ampitheatre Sept. 26-27. While the event ended early(11pm Saturday & 10pm Sunday), it still drew in massive crowds and went off without a hitch. The event was sprawled out over the grounds at the Shoreline with three massive stages, intricate art installations, and your Insomniac performers wandering through crowds. Beyond Wonderland featured names including Arty, Calvin Harris, G Jones and more. We were also lucky enough to have two EPIC artists take the stage, Zima and SNR.

Beyond Wonderland was dopeee!!!!

Posted by Firebeatz on Sunday, September 27, 2015

Saturday, at 4pm, as the sun began to set, Firebeatz took the stage to a massive crowd of eager dancers. Providing their signature sound and energy, Firebeatz provided a set that was sure to not disappoint. Us over at EPIC, were lucky enough to catch up with the two moments before their set. Check out the conversation below:

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Beyond Wonderland is a pretty big festival and is only getting bigger. How do you both prepare for such a massive event? 

FIREBEATZ: 50 squats, pushups, work out and then we go. No we don't ever really prepare our sets. We only make a folder to just make sure we don't forget to play some tracks. For every show it's not necessarily for a big festival but we make new mash ups. We know what we want to play but we don't have a standard playlist.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

FIREBEATZ: We make sure to go to the bathroom.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You both spend a lot of time traveling on tour, what do you like to do in your downtime that doesn't involve music?

FIREBEATZ: Play video games, we play fifa with our buddies. We like to chill and definitely sleep a little bit.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: If you could describe your sound in three words what would it be?

FIREBEATZ: Energy, Groove, and Fire

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You released your song 'Go', a couple weeks ago. Can you tell me a little bit about the song and your inspiration behind it?

FIREBEATZ: Its inspired by the vocal samples that have been going on lately. We just wanted to play with that and it came out really well.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What is your favorite festival or show, big or small, you have played or attended and why? 

FIREBEATZ: EDC Las Vegas, that was sick. Both years definitely.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: I actually saw you your first year there, you played really early, maybe even opened?

FIREBEATZ: Yeah the second day. And last year only got bigger. It was amazing, and it was busy for the time of the day. This year was even bigger I can't really choose but the first year was special. We didn't know what was coming and that experience wow. We're from Holland so we had never even been to EDC before.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Any upcoming collaborations or tracks you can share with us? 

FIREBEATZ: Yeah, we're working on collabs with W&W, Jay Hardway, and we're gonna do some new stuff. We have a lot of new tracks we're working on. We're gonna go in the studio with Chocolate Puma again, come together and make something fun.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Musically or not, who has been your biggest inspiration?

FIREBEATZ: Michael Jackson, Goldie, a lot of things that sound different.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What is your favorite food and why? 

FIREBEATZ: Italian or Asian. I(Tim) have an American girlfriend. And she makes the best comfort food, although it isn't good for the belly.