Do you feel like taking a peek into the future? Or perhaps you feel like doing something different with your EDM music. You may want more depth, more of an insiders view or a chance to be around individuals who know more than your typical “headliners” or “mainstagers”. Or maybe you crave a more artistic boutique festival that will cater to a different part of your soul and inspire you to see and appreciate electronic music on a level you never thought you could before. If that’s what you are craving…than you should get ready to head out to Vegas in the middle of the dessert and lose yourself inside of the Further Future Music Festival. Just as the name sounds, this festival is not your average festival. Their goal is to bring together some of the top creative individuals in our field and to grow together to bring forth new ideas for the future of our favorite genre of music. Are you an inspiring DJ that would love to see pioneers of music? Are you more into loving the speaker setup or how they develop those amazing light shows? Or perhaps you are an artist that loves to create art or beautiful sculptures. No matter what you appreciate, you will find yourself in a group of your peers all awaiting your ideas and more.

What I love about Further Future is that they offer amazing workshops, wellness sections and discussions from industry leaders. These talks and workshops can really give you an insider look into certain fields you may be interested in such as technology, science and more. While others may think this isn’t their cup of tea, if you are constantly at a festival wondering more about the behind the scenes or how you can “improve” it, this is one festival you do not definitely want to miss.

It’s not ALL about discussion and building, as there is also a wide range of artists as well that will be bringing you amazing music. Artists such as Four Tet, Andy Stott, The Pharcyde, Birds of Passage and Derrick Carter you will have something for you no matter what your musical taste are. These artists are not just randomly selected, as they are talented acts that bring you a very diverse range of music that are very skilled in their craft. There will also be a rare performance by Easy Star All-Stars, a reggae troupe that do amazing covers of classic rock bands (You should be Googling that right about now) and will be something that you will be so thankful that you got a chance to see.

So now that I have peeked your curiosity, you should go check out the Further Future website listed below. They also have a newsletter that goes out that you should sign up for as well to stay informed of their updates. And if you are ready to take a chance to open yourself up to a different type of festival, you can request a ticket code on their Facebook page. You’ll be so glad that you did.

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