In and out of the studio electronic duo, NIGHTOWLS, never ceases to impress, and this was sure to be true for their 2016 Bass Camp Festival main stage performance. NIGHTOWLS, who made their stellar debut in the dance music scene in 2015 continue to grow and inspire daily. From huge releases on labels such as Interscope, Fool’s Gold, and Buygore, the pair always manages to excite fans.

Currently residing in Los Angeles the duo boasts a stellar work ethic, in and out of the studio.  Their producing skills and Djing techniques always at top notch. Made up of Andrew Sierra & Scotty Dro, the team has successfully created a sound that sweeps through the underground scene and main stage. With an addictive persona, and personable attitudes these boys definitely have love for their fans. Just after spending a weekend with the two, I felt like we had been friends for years. I was able to catch up with the pair at Bass Camp Festival for a memorable weekend, including Krewella dedicating their song 'Alive' to Scotty's brother who recently passed. Check the interview below for all things NIGHTOWLS and upcoming projects.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How did you two meet and form the duo NIGHTOWLS

Andrew: We both came from a blog background, the same blog actually while both producing music and learning.  Ironically I was producing under a project I had just started ‘The Nightowl’, and I was doing a lot of UK break stuff, and Scotty was doing a project just called ‘Nightowl’ which I found out about later..

Scotty: Yeah, I was doing a project called ‘Nightowl’ and I was doing Oliver Heldens, Tchami, a lot of future house.

Andrew: Yeah, and then we just meshed our sounds and you can really tell that by how our sound is now. We just said fuck it and made it plural and now we’re NIGHTOWLS.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: If you could describe NIGHTOWLS sound in three words what would they be, and what do you think led you to pick those sounds versus any other sound and genre in such a competitive industry?

Andrew: Lit as Fuck. Haha just kidding. Fuck, I’m lame, bye.

Scotty: Genre Defying Music. We just use sounds that we like, which leads us to that feel for our music.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: On August 1st you teased a possible tour, is there anything you can share with fans about that possibility?

Andrew + Scotty: We’re super stoked to announce our second branded tour of the year.  It’s called  ‘Full Moon Tour’.  We’ve announced around 15 U.S. dates and it is most likely going to be going international in Phase 2.  We’re also doing select dates with our buddy Ricky x San and are really stoked to hit the road with him, he makes really good music and we’re excited that he is also another new artist getting the recognition he deserves.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Your remix of Wobble was released on Fool’s Gold Records, A-Trak’s label, how does it feel to accomplish such a huge career milestone?

Andrew: For me, it's a milestone for sure, it was just a remix, so it would have been cooler if it was an original. I don’t know. I’m never happy. I’m always ready for the next step. Blessing and a curse I guess.  Think that’s why Scotty and I vibe so well, we’re both hungry as fuck and never get comfortable.

Scotty: We definitely respect the label, it’s a huge label and it’s definitely an honor. But at the same time it's almost like we're never satisfied. And yeah we just released a remix on Fool’s Gold but for us it's like, what’s next? We want to release an original on Fool’s Gold soon for sure.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Besides your Wobble Remix, which is a new personal favorite of mine, what is one song you would suggest someone to listen to if they have never heard of NIGHTOWLS?

Scotty: I would say those songs aren't even released yet but if we had to pick one it would be 33.

Andrew: Definitely 33, yeah it was our first solo single.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: If you could collaborate with one artists who would it be and why?

Andrew: Zeds Dead definitely.   They're at a position where they can make whatever the hell they want and their fans are going to vibe with it, and that's where we want to be. We don't want to throw ourselves into a little corner.

Scotty: More than likely Adventure Club. I feel like Adventure Club is similar to a lot of the music that we put out. They're also really one of the first big artists to really support us. We definitely think it would be an achievement to collaborate with them, or even go on tour with them as direct support. They actually gave us stems for their song 'Limitless' to remix.

Andrew: I think a lot of our biggest inspirations are really successful DJ duos since that's what we are and work to be.

Scotty: Like Chainsmokers for example, like I watched every video on their youtube channel and their channel is poppin I really suggest anyone check that out. They blew up with 'Selfie' ya know, but 'Selfie' didn't necessarily define them and it's inspirational. And I don't even think the sound we came out with to begin with really defines us.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You guys said on social media this will be your first main stage show, yet you’re no stranger to big crowds. Do you have any special pre-show routines or rituals?

Scotty+Andrew: We do a lot of cuddling, stretching.

Andrew: If I get really nervous I have to go take a poop

Scotty: It's also really fun to have a lot of our friends with us, it makes it so much better.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What advice do you have for aspiring artists looking to break into such a competitive industry at such a young age like you guys?

Andrew: Don’t. Haha just kidding. Don’t put that.

Andrew: You definitely have to do it the right way. There are no short cuts that's for sure. We did our thing the hard way, and you gotta be ready to be broke for a really like time. We were spending our last dollars eating food and paying rent and just spending literally all of your time developing your sound and brand simultaneously.  Most acts don’t start with management, or a team at start which we believe is the most crucial time so you need to be proficient in both areas.  It’s all about getting that ball rolling off the bat and keeping it rolling.

Scotty: Produce first. Create a sound and a style and really stick to it. And also, it's also really important not to compare yourself to other artists. Everyone is on a different path and you can't compare yourselves. There's a lot of artists who blow up rapidly, and you need to make sure not to compare yourself to different artists because everyone is on a different journey and path and I think that can be really debilitating. If you're sitting there thinking like oh Jauz blew up so fast, and I didn't so I should just quit, it isn't going to work.  

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What’s next for NIGHTOWLS, what do you see NIGHTOWLS accomplishing or have accomplished  in a year from now?

Andrew: Festival circuit, def.   Whatever it takes to get to EDC

Scotty: I'll do a little bit of cuddling with Pasquale. We really want to have to have accomplished the festival circuit and then definitely play out of the country.

Andrew: Yeah you have to think, this is only our second year as a project. As our year we made music and built a fanbase and denied every show, this year we started accepting shows and festivals.

Scotty: We only started playing shows in March, and it's August now so it's crazy, we're excited. We have a lot of new music coming out by the end of the year, and we’re really excited to see where it takes us.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Last question, Favorite food?

Scotty:  Well I'm going to turn this around on you and ask waffles or pancakes?

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Crepes, I hate pancakes so it would have to be crepes, waffles and then pancakes

Andrew:  For me it’s going to have to be a really good carne asada burrito

Scotty: Anyone that really knows me knows it would be Pizza. Let me tell you why, when you get a pizza you can throw it in the oven, and when it’s done you can just go eat it, magic.

Last week, NIGHTOWLS blessed fans on social media with their tour announcement consisting of 15 cities and more to come.  In addition, NIGHTOWLS' upcoming track Cardboard Castles, which was teased at Bass Camp Festival and had a huge response, will be out next week on Pantheon and we can't wait! Leave a comment below if you want NIGHTOWLS to come to your city!

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Photo Credit: Nicole Hartman